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Capers West Landscaping and Tree Services has served Calgary and the surrounding areas for nearly 20 years! Homeowners can count on them for safe and experienced tree removal [...]

As part of new landscaping, a hardscape involves heavy or bulky materials like concrete, stone, wood, timber, or boulders. These larger structures within outdoor areas often hold or [...]

Removing trees from your yard can be as daunting as the size of the tree itself. Tree removal is a time-consuming, somewhat dangerous, and expensive task. But, when [...]

Tree removal shouldn’t always be the first decision that comes to mind with a problematic tree. Other steps like pruning, maintenance, or professional help may be able to [...]

Trees are a multi-beneficial addition to any yard and home. They offer shade, visual aesthetics, are good for the environment, and come in various species and sizes. A [...]

Having trees in your yard can improve your landscape and curb appeal, provide shade and add a touch of nature to your outdoor living space. Having your trees [...]