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Whether it’s a cracked or sunken driveway, a walkway, or a concrete floor needing attention, choosing a contractor that can easily care for all your needs is essential. On top of this, you want to find a company you can trust with lots of experience who will get the job done right.

In this article, Slab-Jack Kings in Winnipeg shares more about their range of concrete services and why they are the concrete company for you!

Concrete lifting and levelling

Concrete lifting services have come a long way in recent years. Thanks to the introduction of polyurethane foam, property owners now have a low-cost option for fixing cracked and sunken concrete quickly and efficiently. Instead of having to redo your driveway or walkway, you can now lift your existing concrete for up to 85% less than the cost of removing and replacing it. With polyurethane (also known as foam lifting), you can expect the same results as mud jacking. However, polyurethane is a lighter-weight material that needs fewer (and smaller) injection holes. It will last much longer as well!

Slab-Jack Kings are experts in polyurethane concrete lifting and levelling. They use special equipment and knowledgeable and experienced staff to restore your concrete so it looks brand new. The process is simple, easy and affordable. Give them a call today to discuss your concrete lifting needs!

Fill the void

If you have a pool, you may notice cracks forming in the concrete around your pool deck. This can be a sign of potentially problematic voids beneath your pool deck. These voids start to show themselves through cracks in your concrete. You can also check for hollow areas when you use a baseball bat to tap surfaces around your pool deck. If they sound hollow, you’ll need to call your trusted concrete contractor.

Slab-Jack Kings can spot the voids in your pool deck and prevent a serious safety hazard! Once voids are identified, Slab-Jack Kings will fill them in to avoid settlement and possibly dangerous situations. This company is family-owned and operated and has been in business since 2013! Be sure to reach out to have your pool deck checked or schedule annual maintenance!

Under-slab insulation

If you have a warehouse with a concrete floor that needs insulation, Slab-Jack Kings are here to help! This company can insulate concrete shop and warehouse floors to save your business money. Underslab insulation benefits freezer floors and can be done without busting up your concrete floors! For more information on the cost-effective insulation method, contact Slab-Jack Kings today!

Concrete Lifting in Winnipeg

Slab-Jack Kings can lift your concrete for up to 85% less than the cost of removing and replacing your concrete! They offer services in Manitoba as well as Northwestern Ontario. Their team of lifting professionals has experience working on a wide range of concrete projects, both in the commercial and residential sectors. Thanks to this, Slab-Jack Kings can offer its clients a customized and personal experience. Some services include concrete slab lifting, levelling, void filling, stabilization and concrete slab insulation (with polyurethane foam). They are happy to provide free estimates and professional consultations!

Give them a call today!

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