Choosing a concrete finish

If you’re installing a new concrete driveway, walkways or patio you have some options when it comes to style and design. Your new concrete can add character and aesthetics to your home. By boosting curb appeal, you’re boosting resale value too.

Con-Tile Industries in Edmonton shares some information on different concrete finishes.

Broom Finish

A broom finish is what you’ll typically find on regular concrete driveways and sidewalks. It is the least labour-intensive finish, which means it is less expensive. A broom finish will give your exterior a fresh, clean look.

Stamped and Sealed Finish

Stamped concrete is regular concrete that is patterned or textured to look like different stone products. Your stamped concrete can look like brick, paver stones, tile, slate and mimic other textures and patterns. This finish offers plenty of options for style and design and is a unique and attractive choice. You can customize your stamped concrete with a range of colours, stains and sealing products.

Exposed Aggregate Finish

Exposed aggregate is when you use natural stones or other aggregate and ‘seed’ them into a concrete base. It gives a rougher finish but is very decorative. You can choose from a range of colours and types of aggregate, enabling you to customize the look of your concrete on your driveway, walkways and patios.

Acid Staining Finish

Acid staining your interior or exterior concrete surface can give it a whole new look. It can give it a marble affect and transform your concrete into a range of colours, tones and textures. You can use acid staining on your exterior concrete, but this is a common finish for interior concrete floors.

Polished Finish

Another popular finish for interior concrete floors is a polished finish. This is the type of shiny concrete floor you’d find in a commercial store, but more residential renovations are using this flooring option too. This finish will give your concrete floor a strong, durable and polished finish that is easy to clean and maintain.

Integral Colour Finish

Using integral colour admixtures will infuse your concrete with a fade-resistant colour that is long-lasting. This technique is used to mimic the look of natural stone products like terra cotta and slate. It’s a good option for your concrete floors, patio and even countertops.  Learn more about integral colour for concrete.

Concrete Contractors in Edmonton

Con-Tile Industries is an Edmonton Concrete Contractor that is passionate about custom concrete design. Whatever your vision, they can show you the details, the numbers, and the steps required to make your dream a reality.

Need help choosing a concrete finish for your project? Contact Con-Tile Industries!


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