Choosing an Experienced Window Company

If you’re ready for a window replacement or are looking for a window company for a new build, you need to do your research. With so many companies out there, you want to make sure you’re getting quality products from a trustworthy company. Renewal by Andersen of British Columbia in Vancouver shares some tips on what makes a window and doors company a quality choice for your project. 

Good communication

Any home improvement company knows how important communication is. When researching window companies, take notice to how they communicate with you in those initial conversations. They should be upfront, provide straightforward answers, and be easy to talk to. If they have trouble answering some of your questions, you might want to call a company like Renewal by Andersen. Open communication is especially important when it comes to factors like budgeting, scheduling, and any changes made to the plan.

Checking out their references 

A good way to check if a window company is experienced is to check out their past clients. Renewal by Andersen, for instance, has tons of online client reviews that praise their work. If you’re looking for more information, you can contact a company and ask for their three latest clients to get a feel for how they operate, and how the clients like the company. Asking for the three latest ensures that the company doesn’t just choose the best, but the most recent. It will give you a better idea of how the customer experience is with that company. 

They offer high-quality products

Renewal by Andersen manufactures and holds the patent for Fibrex®. As creators of this energy efficiency technology, they are the go-to experts for every window and patio door replacement project. These windows and doors are extremely energy-efficient, less bulky, and an excellent choice for your project. Because Renewal by Andersen windows and patio doors are custom built with a range of styles and colours, they can offer any information you might need on style, efficiency, and maintenance requirements.  Read some signs you might need a window replacement

They have the right insurance and certifications

Companies that care about their clients and services will invest in the proper insurance to ensure you, your property, and the company is protected. They’ll also have the correct certifications, such as being CRA approved or RenovationFind certified. Going through the process to obtain third-party certifications shows that they are a serious company interested in keeping up a set of higher standards. 

Windows in Vancouver

Renewal by Andersen is a great option for window providers in BC. They offer a diverse selection of styles and features that bring new life and beauty to customers’ homes. Above all, Renewal by Andersen values and respects their customer’s trust. They also pride themselves on an uncompromising standard of excellence.

For more information, contact Renewal by Andersen today!

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