Contractor or DIY: which is better for residential painting

An interior paint job can be done by DIYers, but is the quality as good? Professional painters will save you time and produce flawless results for your home projects. Pro Painters Ltd. in Calgary offers residential and commercial painting services and will ensure your home or business looks perfect.

So, should you paint your house DIY or hire a contractor? Here are some things to consider.

Contractor or DIY?


While you may be eager to save money, safety is a big concern when taking on a residential painting project. Painters are constantly on tall ladders, climb on roofs, lean out windows, and have to do risky stuff to get the job done. It’s important to consider leaving this potentially dangerous task to trained professionals rather than risking yourself. After all, these contractors do this every day. They have proper training and equipment to do the job safely.


Practice makes perfect, which is what a professional painting company has. Painters have a steady hand, keen attention to detail, and can produce flawless results. They understand style, colour matching, and what will look the best. They know how to get to small gaps underside panels or above a door. If these places are missed, they are unsightly and could be more prone to mould.


Experience, knowledge, and practiced skill will allow professional painters to complete your job quickly. A DIY project done in your spare time can take days or weeks to complete. Hiring a painter can give you peace of mind by knowing that once your project is done, it’s done. Learn more about how to upgrade your house with paint. 

What to expect from a contractor

They’ll be on time

Professional contractors should be on time and close up shop before it gets too late in the evening. This ensures your project is completed on time with minimal disruption to your home life.


A contractor will do a thorough walkthrough to determine what needs to be painted. You can expect them to take measurements, ask questions, take pictures and/or notes. The walkthrough will also allow them to see areas that require repair or additional prep before the paint goes on.

End goal

Pro Painters Ltd. wants to make you happy. So they’ll help you decide on colours, finishes, and everything you want for your project. In addition, they will offer you recommendations for the best products with your budget in mind.


Speaking of budget, a professional contractor won’t leave you in the dark about the cost of your project. Instead, they will consider your budget and how they can work within it without sacrificing quality.

Painters in Calgary

Pro Painters LTD. has ten years of professional experience in residential painting. They know what it takes to ensure your project looks perfect. If you’re considering a DIY paint job, save yourself time and headaches by hiring an experienced professional instead.

See Pro Painters LTD. in Calgary and get your project started today.

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