DIY garage kits and what to consider first

Building a garage on your property is a great decision and one that will add a lot of value to your property. You have a couple of options including purchasing a do-it-yourself (DIY) garage kit, hiring a professional garage builder to build it for you, or a combination of the two.

Northland Building Supplies in Edmonton is a professional garage building and supplies company. They share the benefits and considerations of choosing their DIY garage building kits:

Pro: customizable options

Garages come in all shapes and sizes, and customizations to perfectly suit your property and needs. With a DIY kit, you get that same customization based on your DIY skill set. Northland Building Supplies offers various sized and styled garages kits depending on your needs. They also offer partial building help if you can only build a part of the garage. Whatever work is still needed, Northland will professionally complete the work you don’t feel comfortable with. They’ll also coordinate any schedules around you, so you get the benefits of DIY satisfaction with a little professional help.

Pro: cost-effective

Compared to the full cost of a new garage and the cost of labour, a DIY kit is much less expensive. You can still have the exact style or size of a new built garage but at less cost while adding sweat equity to your property. You choose the materials, finishes, and any extra features, all based on your budget. The kits themselves are also designed to be easy to assemble with individual pieces and an easy to follow instruction booklet. Working with friends or family will speed up the timeline and make for a bonding experience with a new garage at the end!

Consider: durability may vary depending on skill

Keep in mind that while the materials and design are sound, personal skill still plays a key role in durability. If you’ve never built anything this extensive before, it will lack that professional-grade assurance. Other factors like harsh weather can cause premature wear to the garage. Taking extra steps and precautions will help minimize the risk, but it also means extra steps and time. Talk to a professional before you buy the kit to see what other protective options are available to avoid extra costs in the future.

Consider: project time is longer

A professional team can easily build a new garage in a short time. Once it’s up, your home and property immediately benefit from that new value and space. DIY garage kits don’t always guarantee the same quick project timeline. Between personal skill levels, when you have time to work on it, and any learning curves, it can take much longer. If you are adding a garage for resale value or to sell, consider a professionally built garage instead. Otherwise, if you have the time and don’t mind how long it takes, a DIY kit is exactly the right fit.

Garage Builders in Edmonton

Northland Building Supplies has over 30 years of garage building experience and reliable skills. When you choose them, they guarantee any project will be handled on time and on budget. Whether you want a professionally built garage or a little support with a DIY kit, their team will help.

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