Features of Energy Efficient Windows

If you’ve noticed that your windows are always cold or that there is an uncomfortable draft coming into your house, it means that you are losing a lot of heat from your windows. In fact, windows are the number one source of heat loss in a home. If you still have single pane or old aluminum sliders, upgrading to new energy efficient windows will greatly increase your home’s efficiency, comfort and help you save money on energy bills.

Whether you’re looking for super efficient casement windows, sliders, bow windows or custom shaped windows, window companies in Winnipeg carry high quality products that will get rid of that chilly discomfort!

Learning about energy efficient windows:

Super Spacer

Double and triple pane windows are made with insulated glass with a Warm Edge Super Spacer insulator between the panes. The silicone, all foam formula of this cutting-edge spacer is less conductive, blocking heat from escaping or entering through the glass edge and providing optimal thermal performance.

Argon Gas

Sealed window units are fill with argon gas between the panes of glass. This cost-effective, non-toxic gas makes the window more efficient, prevents frost from building at the bottom of the window and can improve noise reduction. It is heavier than air, making it a better insulator. Argon gas windows are ENERGY STAR rated.

Low-e Glass

Low-emissivity (Low-e) coatings are put onto the glass during manufacturing. Low-e deflects long range radiation. That means it deflects the heat produced by your heating system back into the house. In the same way, it deflects the long-range radiation and UV rays that come from the sun, keeping the heat out of the house during the summer. It can minimize the amount of infrared and UV light that comes into the home without minimizing the amount of natural light.

Triple Pane vs. Double Pane Windows

The literal difference between triple and double pane windows is that triple pane has an additional pane of glass. They are more efficient and better rated for Manitoba’s climate zone because that extra pane provides an additional chamber for a spacer insulator, argon gas and another layer of Low-e coating. They are the best choice for maximum energy efficiency.

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