Finishing work paint tips: trim, baseboard, and banisters

Painting has steps and layers of work that combine to result in beautiful finishes and aesthetic boosts. Part of those steps includes the finishing work like window and door trim or baseboards. With the right tips and some professional help, every part of your home will look stunning.

Edmonton Painters like JV Painting & Decorating can help with the final detailing, but picking the right colours is just as important:

Window trim

Choosing colours for window frames depends on whether it’s for the interior or exterior. On the outside, you can’t go wrong with classic white since it complements every colour. Darker shades are also an option if you want to add a bold look. Matching tones with the house will create a complementary pairing, while a contrast like black frames will definitely draw the eye and boost curb appeal in its own way. Keep in mind that the architectural style of the house can also affect colours. Traditional homes with brick and natural wood pair well with natural colours like browns, greens, or reds.

On the inside, the focus is more on working with the existing décor and colours. Either the window frame will blend into the rest of the room, or a bold colour will make it pop. There’s no right or wrong answer, but it does depend on many colours are already in the room. In a colourful space, simple frames are a better pick. For simpler rooms, coloured window frames can add that focal point that’ll boost overall aesthetics. If you’re not sure, classic white is always a safe pick.

Door trim

Like windows, door frame colours can vary, whether it’s the exterior or interior side. Exterior facing doors typically have the colour focus on the door itself. The trim is then painted white to help make it pop and add that feature door appearance. Commercial painters in Edmonton can help add that same trick to a business buildings door.

Interior doors are a different matter and are typically the opposite. Both the door and the frame are painted the same colour for a unified look. That helps separate the door from the rest of the wall so that it stands out. In that case, opting for colours, neutral shades, or light or dark are all colour possibilities. If you have coloured walls, consider a simple door to avoid clashing colours.


Traditionally, baseboards are painted white, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Using touches of colour on the trim is a great way to add visual interest to the space. Instead of bright or bold shades, pick a tone that is slightly lighter or darker than the existing wall colour. For a white wall, consider a dove grey trim or soft pink walls pair well with beige. Using wood stain is another idea for a touch of rustic or natural wood appeal. In children’s bedrooms, colourful and bright baseboards make great touches for a fun and energetic space. If you’re planning to sell the home, though, choose white as it appeals to the most number of people. If you need help, just ask your local Edmonton painters for help.


If you have staircases with banisters, it’s a great place to add a splash of bold colour. Like frames and baseboards, banisters are often painted classic colours like grey, white, or shades of brown. While these are complementary choices, consider the visual appeal of a bright blue or forest green instead. Instead of blending into the rest of the room, it makes the staircase pop and act as a focal point. These points help draw the eye, boost visual interest, and add a sense of value to the room. It’s one area of your home where you can’t go wrong adding a touch of colour.

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