Hiring a Design & Drafting Company

Whether you’re planning a renovation or to build a custom home, hiring a design and drafting company will help you turn your vision into a reality.  If you don’t have a clear vision of what your new home should look and feel like, Classic Residential Design in Edmonton can help you create a custom design and clear plan that will suite your taste and lifestyle.

A drafting company has residential designers who will help visualize ideas and concepts by creating technical and architectural drawings.  A professional will work with architects, builders and contractors to ensure all the plan details are realized during the project.  They will coordinate features and materials while ensuring the space is used most effectively and efficiently according to your desired function and aesthetic goals. You will have better results by going with a design firm.

Residential designers are also very knowledgeable of materials and design standards used in home renovations and construction.  From large projects to small, they can provide technical drawings that instruct contractors and builders with a clear set of working instructions.  Having a detailed, well-laid plan will ensure your project meets your expectations and precise design goals. You can learn how to design your own home, get some ideas down on paper and be more prepared before you meet with a professional.

Benefits of Hiring a Residential Designer:

When embarking on a large project, like a major renovation or complete custom home build, hiring a drafting company can be very advantageous.  A residential designer can use Computer Aided Design (CAD) to show you exactly how your new home or space will look and function.  These computer software programs can go into incredible detail, allowing you to see and make necessary changes before the project even begins.

If you are building a home but are not sure where to start, a residential designer can show you pre-existing plans to help you get started.  If you like these plans, you can actually reduce the cost of your overall project by utilizing them instead of having entirely new plans drafted up.  They can also help draw up plans to alter your existing home like adding a carport of garage.

Having a professional draft your plans will also give you a clear picture of material, labour and construction required to complete the project.  This information will provide an accurate cost estimate and help you set and keep your budget.

A drafting company will be able to obtain all building permits and approvals required by your city or county and ensure all of your plans are compliant with regulations.  Depending on where you live, there will be regulations on things like structure, electrical wiring and plumbing.

From consulting, custom drafting, drawing and stock plans, Classic Residential Design Inc. has the expertise to create and help you visualize a design suited to your unique requirements.

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