Home Renovations with a General Contractor

A general contractor is like a project manager. They are the person, or team of people from one company, in charge of overseeing a construction project such as a home renovation. A general contractor will vet, hire and manage all the suppliers and trades involved in the project. They’ll ensure good communication to everyone involved and oversee the project from start to finish.

Integral Construction Management (ICM) in Edmonton shares when you should hire a general contractor:

WHEN you need a general contractor:

If you’re just doing a few small and simple home improvements, you might not need to hire a general contractor. For example, if you need to replace a single fixture in the bathroom or paint a bedroom, hiring one specific trade for that job would be your best option.

You should hire a general contractor if the job is complex. If you think it will be time consuming, taking longer than a week and/or if it involves multiple subcontractors and trades. You should also hire a general contractor if the project requires permits. Big renovations like a kitchen, bathroom or basement remodel, will be more successful and less stressful with a general contractor at the helm.

WHY it’s a good idea to hire a general contractor:

A general contractor is an experienced, knowledgeable and skilled professional. Hiring one will make your home renovation less stressful. You won’t have to deal with confusing trades schedules, obtaining permits or knowing what steps to take to complete your big project.

It’s beneficial to have a single point of contact, a person who knows exactly what’s happening with every stage and component of your renovation. A general contractor will be there to trouble-shoot problems. If there is a scheduling issue or an issue between trades, they will deal with it. They’ll also take care of permits and ensure everything is compliant to recent building code. You won’t have to worry about handling these stressful parts of home renovating.

WHERE to start?

If you want to hire a renovation company, make sure you do your research! A RenovationFind Certified general contractor like ICM will have passed a series of background checks. You want to make sure they have a business license, insurance, WCB coverage and a proven reputation for honesty and good workmanship.

Ask lots of questions regarding their services. Ask for references and check them. Ask to see examples of their finished work. Then make sure you get a detailed estimate in writing. Do not start your project until there is a contract, in writing, highlighting every detail of the job.

General Contractors in Edmonton

When you hire ICM you’ll get to work with a dedicated team of professionals who are there to make sure every aspect of the project goes as planned. You’ll have consistent, open communication throughout the project and when it’s done, your expectations will be met or exceeded!

Before you renovate, hire a general contractor.


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