Importance of high indoor air quality and heating equipment

Investing in a good HVAC system is more than just about controlling your home’s temperature. Your system also plays an important role in your indoor air quality and heating. Poor air quality affects your health in negatives ways, as well as affects the quality of your home.

HVAC companies in Edmonton such as Night “n” Day Home Services, specialize in HVAC systems. They can ensure your home has high indoor air quality at all times and share the importance and ways of having it:

Importance of high-quality air

When the air quality in your home is poor, it affects allergens, worsens asthma and affects your respiratory system. Dry skin, difficulty breathing as well as eye, nose, and throat irritations are a few such symptoms. Poor ventilation, higher temperatures, and humidity levels can all decrease the indoor air quality. Breathing clean air though helps lower various health effects and risks as a result of breathing bad air. The best way to ensure this is by making sure your home is properly ventilated.

Both natural and mechanical ventilation can help air quality. Natural ventilation includes simply opening your windows or doors to allow a fresh breeze in. This will help cycle out stale air with fresher outdoor air. Mechanical ventilation will help both for days where the windows are closed and with filtering out any outdoor pollutants.

Types of air filters

Microscopic pollutants such as dust and bacteria play a role in negatively affecting air quality. If these build up in your home, it affects people will allergies or those with asthma. Indoor air quality products such as air filters, however, can help with air quality. In addition to the ventilation of your HVAC, these can help filter out negative particles from the air.

Filters work by collecting dust, dirt and other airborne elements as they pass through your HVAC system. The filters should be cleaned regularly and changed every few months to help maintain their effectiveness.

For more microscopic elements such as mould spores, bacteria, and viruses, HEPA filters are another option. HEPA filters are specifically able to remove 99.7% of particles that are bigger or equal to 0.3 micrometres.

Heat and humidity levels in your home

Another factor that plays a role in your air quality is the amount of heat and humidity in your home. Certain bacteria and viruses will thrive in homes with warm, humid air. Humidity levels above 60% tend to be when moisture builds up and invites mould growth. On the other hand, having too low humidity levels can affect your health. Dry air can cause dry and cracked skin and make it harder to breathe. A humidifier can help balance out the humidity levels and the heat, to keep your home and yourself healthy. It can also make your home feel warmer, without ever having to actually turn up the heat.

Another way to lower the heat in your home and improve air quality is to add a heat recovery system. This system traps humidity, pollution, and stale indoor air. By drawing in the fresh air and pushing out warm air, it keeps your home’s air quality at its best. Plus, this makes your home much more energy-efficient.

Importance of maintaining your HVAC

Having an HVAC will help with mechanical air quality, but only if your system is well maintained. Regular maintenance, checkups, and cleaning will help keep your system running at its best. This will guarantee that your air quality will also be at its best, and as a result, so will your health. Air ducts and filters, in particular, must be kept clean and clear of any debris or dirt. Edmonton HVAC contractors can help you professionally maintain your HVAC.

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