Kitchen and bathroom: additions for a perfect remodel 

With renovations, it’s not always the big changes that make the most impact. Sometimes, adding in little details and additions will give you that perfect remodel finish. Kitchens and bathrooms, in particular, often get a major remodeling. But, with these two rooms, it’s the little additions that’ll speak volumes!

Integrity Construction Solutions in Edmonton are a professional home renovations company for any project. They share some add-ons to give your kitchen and bathrooms a perfect remodel:

Kitchen island workspace

Having a kitchen island is a popular current trend when it comes to kitchen renovations. Typically, an island is built as a seating area for friends and family or to entertain. But, for a little change, turn your kitchen island into a workspace instead! A wide countertop will provide plenty of prep space while modernizing the kitchen. You can install a microwave nook, your dishwasher and custom cabinets for storage and appliances. Add shelving on the island’s end for any mixers or baking dishes, and you’ve got the perfect space to work.

Add a kitchen breakfast nook

Sometimes those sleepy early mornings call for a bit more comfort than just a table and chair. A breakfast nook in your kitchen can be customized and designed in any way. If you want a classy look, stick with neutral colours like beige and whites. For a more vibrant look, use pastels or bright colour pops like yellows and blues. In addition to an eating space, a nook can have plush pillows and some cozy throw blankets! Need more ideas? Take a look at some of these cozy, kitchen breakfast nooks designs!

Go custom with your cabinets

Both kitchens and bathrooms will benefit from having custom cabinets added to their remodels. This is especially so with the endless array of options for customizing those new cabinets. Custom cabinets also make the most of any space available, whether in a large or small kitchen or bathroom. Plus, on top of the value boost of remodeling these two rooms, custom cabinets will double that! You can customize your cabinetry needs to exactly what you and the two room’s need, without compromise.

Custom bathroom cabinets with a pop

In bathrooms, cabinetry benefits well from being the focal point of the room. Both bright, bold cabinets or cool, light cabinets work well for feature styles. For a calming bathroom, paint your cabinets light shades such as blue or soft yellow. Then, add dark faucets and white décor for the rest of the room. For a bolder approach, go for black cabinets and offset with gold faucets. Other shades such as greens or greys are also perfect bathroom colours.

Add luxury sinks

Vanities aren’t the only part of a bathroom that plays a big role in creating the perfect bathroom remodel. Taking the time to choose a new luxury sink is a small addition, but one that plays a big role in the overall look. Vessel sinks, for example, are one luxury sink option that makes a big statement. They add sleek, modernity to your bathroom and come in a variety of styles, such as glass or wood.

Kitchen Renovations and Bathroom Renovations in Edmonton

Small renovations or large, Integrity Construction Solutions are ready and able to help you with both. They have years of renovation experience and customer satisfaction to guarantee you’ll love their work. From kitchens, bathrooms, basements, flooring and much more, they have all the services you need.

Don’t wait, contact Integrity Construction Solutions today and start your renos!

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