Kitchen renovation ideas to boost ROI

When considering a renovation in your home, chances are you’re also considering your return on investment (ROI). Different areas of your home can bring a higher or lower ROI. However, kitchen renovations typically carry a high return on investment. According to an Appraisal Institute of Canada report quoted in Homestars, a 75-100% ROI on a kitchen renovation is standard.

Electric Woods specializes in kitchen renovations in Edmonton. Here, they share some ideas to increase your kitchen renovation’s ROI.

Kitchen Cabinets

It is no wonder upgraded kitchen cabinets are a crucial feature in any significant kitchen renovation. For one, new kitchen cabinets will transform the look and style of your entire kitchen. On top of this, when you modernize your cabinets, you also increase your kitchen’s functionality. Upgraded kitchen cabinets offer more space and better organization. You can also add features like slow-close hinges. When choosing cabinet materials, opt for laminate or veneer over particle board. Neutral colours over bolder ones also help increase ROI.

Electric Woods will use their design expertise to help you choose the perfect cabinet upgrades and features. As a full-service renovation company, they can complete your entire kitchen renovation. This will include design, managing trades right through to the finishing touches.


Updated countertops will also go a long way in helping you achieve a higher ROI on your kitchen renovation. Like cabinets, new countertops can completely transform a space. Granite and quartz countertops are always a sought-after countertop material. Again, regarding countertop colours, typically bright neutrals that light up your kitchen are the most popular with buyers.

Electric Woods has a staff and crew with many years of experience working on home renovations in Edmonton. You’ll also have a working supervisor on the job from the beginning to the end of your reno. This way, you’ll feel supported through every step of the process.

Kitchen Island

Adding a kitchen island can be a pricey endeavour. This is especially true because adding an island often requires plumbing and electrical as well as the cost of materials and other labour for installation. However, this kitchen upgrade can also truly boost your ROI. Many potential buyers are looking for a kitchen island in their next home. Like cabinets, a kitchen island adds an upgraded aesthetic quality and functionality. More counter space, an added sink and/or storage are all benefits of adding a kitchen island. If there’s room for one in your kitchen, consider this upgrade to increase your ROI.

Electric Woods is a kitchen renovation company in Edmonton that hand-picks its subcontractors. They will only choose to work with trades that deliver high-quality work and professionalism. They will use their partners and their team to ensure your project will be nothing short of incredible. Owner Sean O’Brien acts as the primary project manager on all renovations. Regarding your kitchen renovation, Electric Woods can make suggestions and do all it can to boost your ROI as high as possible.

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