Learning about torch-on flat roofing

If your home or business needs a flat roof replacement, consider torch-on membrane flat roofing. This flat roofing method uses two layers of bitumen material that installers meld together using a torch. As a result, torch-on flat roofing in Vancouver provides a waterproof and UV-resistant barrier for your building.

Xtreme Roofing serves Vancouver and surrounding areas. They share more information about torch-on membrane roofing.

Torch-on flat roof installation requires experience and skill

The installation process is not complex but still requires skill and specialized equipment. Installers use a blow torch to meld the bitumen membrane layers and adhere them to the base layer on the roof. They take extra care not to damage other components of the roof or structure with the blow torch. If a DIYer makes a mistake, it could cause damage or even a fire. If not installed correctly, you could also experience roofing failure and expensive water damage.

You can trust the knowledge, experience, and skills of the Xtreme Roofing team. They can provide a waterproof, utterly sealed roof without causing damage. Plus, they carry special insurance that allows them to do the torch-on roofing method. This insurance protects you, your home, and the Vancouver roofers.

The benefits of torch-on flat roofing

Because of the high annual rainfall in Vancouver, you want a flat roof solution that can stand up to a lot of water. Roofers can install torch-on roofing as a two- or three-layer roofing system. When installed correctly by the best roofers in Vancouver, your roof will protect the building from water penetration, even when there is standing water. Also, unlike a tar and gravel flat roof, you won’t have to worry about heaviness or gravel getting caught in eavestroughs and drains.

Your flat roof can last about 20 years. It’s durable, strong, flexible, and a good investment for any flat roof.

Flat roof maintenance

Even though your flat roof will require little maintenance, you should still have it inspected periodically. Check for a build-up of debris like twigs and leaves and ensure it’s cleared off. You can also check the flashing around vents, the chimney and inspect the gutters in the spring and fall. If you suspect a problem, contact Xtreme Roofing. As experts in flat roofing in Vancouver, they can provide repair and maintenance services to ensure your flat roof is in top condition and protecting your home.

If you need a flat roof replacement or repair, reach out to Xtreme Roofing today!


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