Maintaining Your Garage Door


Replacing your garage door is a smart investment. In most homes, the garage door makes up over 40 percent of your home’s façade. If your garage door is worn out and tired looking, it can bring down your curb appeal. A garage door replacement from a reputable company like The Door House Inc. in Calgary will make your home more energy efficient, especially if you have an attached garage and it can increase your property value.

Since your garage door is a valuable investment, it’s important to maintain it properly so you can continue to enjoy using it and prolong its lifespan for years to come.  If your door isn’t working very well it may work like new again with a few simple adjustments. Contact a professional Calgary garage door company like The Door House Inc. to inspect your door and make any minor adjustments or repairs necessary. Door springs lose tension over time and need to be re-adjusted periodically. They will also lubricate any applicable parts.

The Door House Inc. gives useful tips for properly maintaining your new garage door:

Check lift cables and rollers for visible signs of wear.

Every six months, inspect your cables and rollers for signs of fraying or loose roller bearings. If you encounter issues, do not attempt to adjust or replace the springs, cables or bottom roller brackets yourself as all of these components are under extreme tension and could cause serious injury or even death. Contact The Door House Inc. for maintenance and repair.

Check the balance of the door.

Put the door in the closed position and pull the emergency release rope to disengage the door from the electric opener. Open the door about half way and let it go. It should move easily and stop in a balanced position about half-way down. If it wants to drop down or open by itself that means the springs need adjusting or the wrong springs were installed for your particular door and will need to be replaced. Again, these parts are under extreme tension and could spring back at you, causing major injury if adjustment is attempted without the proper tools and knowledge. This is a job best left for a professional garage door company.

Lubricate the moving metal parts of the door.

Lubricate the roller bearings, hinges and springs of your garage door with a spray lube or motor oil like 10W30. Do not lubricate the tracks as it will only attract dirt and affect performance. Make sure you wipe off access oil with a cloth when finished.

Read tips on maintaining your garage door opener.

Calgary Garage Door Company

Having trouble with your garage door? The Door House offers services related to garage doors and electric openers. They stand behind our work with a 1-year service warranty on all our labor. This is in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty on any parts supplied.  They supply and install parts for most makes of garage doors and openers including replacement door springs.

Whether you need your garage door serviced or are interested in purchasing and installing a brand new garage door, The Door House Inc. can help. Contact them today!




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