Restoring Natural Stone Countertops

Natural stone countertops give your kitchen and bathroom a classic, beautiful high-end look that will never go out of style.  Natural stone like granite is very durable and does not easily scratch or burn; but just like any material over time, it can suffer wear and tear.  Regular, on-going use of your kitchen can cause chips, stains, cracks, damaged seals or even dull areas.  Harsh chemicals can cause damage to your stone too.

Fear not!  No matter what the damage, your natural stone countertops can be repair and restored to look like new again.  The professionals at AB Granito in Calgary have the skills, experience and equipment to refinish your countertops, giving you an alternative to replacing them all together.  Depending on the condition of your stone countertops, a variety of methods will be used to remove stains, scratches and polish them so they have their original luster and shine.

Marble seam repair

Stone countertop restoration could include:

– Filling chips and cracks with a matching epoxy compound, then polishing to blend and hide the repair.
– Sanding the surface of the entire countertop to remove the scratch or damaged surface, then filling cracks with epoxy and stone chips, resealing and polishing the surface.
– Removing your existing countertops completely for the restoration process.
– Repairing seams that are uneven, coming apart or that have the wrong epoxy colour.

Because of the porous nature of stone like granite, ensuring your countertop’s surface is properly sealed is extremely important.  AB Granito will use an impregnator sealer that will help prevent things from penetrating and staining your stone.

Restoring and polishing natural stone can be very difficult and should be left to the professionals to achieve maximum results.  Not only do they have the knowledge and skills to do the job right, they also have the proper equipment and the experience using it.  In addition to repairing and restoring your existing stone countertops, AB Granito will also give you the tips and tools to prevent further damage and to properly maintain your beautiful natural stone surfaces for years to come.


The cost of repairing and restoring natural stone countertops is far less than the cost of replacing them entirely and you can still restore your stone back to it’s original magnificence.  Whether you have a small chip in your marble, quartz or granite countertop or you need it to be completely restored, AB Granito can provide you with a free and immediate consultation.

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