Revolutionizing the Renovation Industry

Keith Riley of explains why him and his team decided to create, a free online directory of certified home service companies throughout Canada, and how working with credible, reputable companies can help change the ‘black mark’ made on the renovation industries reputation.

Revolutionizing the Industry

“Can you tell me anywhere else that you can rip someone off for $50K, not have any of the proper licensing, and get away with it? Everyone knows the renovation industry has this black mark on it that says ‘People are going to rip you off’. It’s that kind of stuff that needs to change in the whole industry.” — Keith Riley

Running a granite countertop company, Keith Riley is usually one of the last contractors involved in a renovation. “I used to run into so many people who got ripped off all the time, or just didn’t know who to hire out of fear of being taken advantage of. How do you usually find contractors? Most of the time through word of mouth, right? That recommendation usually turns into what they get ripped off from.  So, I thought, there’s got to be a way to change this.” Out of his passion for solving problems through entrepreneurial methods, Keith founded as a solution to the lack of regulation in home renovation. “What we’re trying to do is change the way people view renovations. We want to change the industry. We want companies on board with us that are actually going to change the industry.”

Read more about how and why Keith created RenovationFind, and how your company can be involved in revolutionizing the industry, by reading the  article published in Edmonton B2B Connect or the interview on PDH Contractor.

About is an online directory of contractors, renovation companies and suppliers that have passed background checks and achieved professional certification. eliminates the stress of renovating by providing consumers with listings of home service companies they can trust.  It also helps to build a strong, successful community of home service companies who are committed to quality work, products and customer service.

If you would like your company to become part of the movement to change the home improvement industry, contact RenovationFind via the form on the “Add Your Company” page.


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