Why You Need A General Contractor for Your Home Renovation

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Whether you’re finally ready to finish the basement, remodel the kitchen or renovate your entire house, having a professional general contractor on your [...]

Choosing Tile for Your Home Renovation

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There are many ways you can use beautiful tile in your home renovations. You can install tile flooring, tile the bathroom, add some decorative tile [...]

Cabinet Refinishing: Affordable Kitchen Reno

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You’ve decided that it’s finally time to upgrade the kitchen, but do not want to break the bank doing so. The largest and most often the most expensive [...]

3 Signs You Need a Roof Replacement

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A well-installed, quality asphalt roof can typically last 30-50 years. Inexperienced installation and poor-quality materials can cause your roof’s [...]

Cabinet Refacing Saves Money on Kitchen Renovations

Why are kitchen renovations a great investment? A kitchen renovation is a smart investment. In fact, even a minor kitchen renovation has one of the best [...]

Benefits of Regular Furnace Maintenance

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In Alberta, we depend on our furnace to keep our homes warm and comfortable. If your furnace quits in the middle of a cold, dark winter’s night you’re [...]

Hiring an Interior Designer for Kitchen Renovations

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Kitchen remodels are the most popular home renovation among homeowners. They can increase your home’s resale value and have one of the best return on [...]

Renovating with a General Contractor

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Are you craving a new look for your home? Sprucing it up will increase your personal enjoyment of the home and your property value too.  Hiring a general [...]

3 Reasons to Hire Professional Painters

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Painting your home on of the easiest and most affordable way to completely upgrade the look and feel of your home. Not only will this home renovation [...]

Things That Can Go Wrong with Your Garage Door

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With most mechanical systems in our home, we usually don’t give them much thought until something goes wrong. This is especially true of your garage [...]