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  Creating beautiful gardens and outdoor living spaces is growing in popularity. A professional landscape design can transform your regular yard into a space for cooking, dining, relaxing, [...]

A well-designed backyard can be much more than a simple outdoor space for hanging out. When you hire an experienced landscape architect to build an outdoor living space, [...]

An automatic irrigation system offers many benefits to the old hose and sprinkler method of watering grass. An irrigation system can add value in so many ways and save time! [...]

There are so many benefits to having great landscaping design in your front and back yards. For one, investing in landscape design allows you to enjoy your outdoor [...]

Blog submitted by Greentree Outdoor Living in Edmonton  As a homeowner, you constantly seek ways to enhance the beauty and functionality of your property. While interior renovations often [...]

Blog submitted by Greentree Outdoor Living As a landscape design and build company, Greentree Outdoor Living is constantly searching for innovative solutions to enhance outdoor spaces. In recent years, [...]

This spring, make the most of the nice weather by upgrading your yard. When you create an outdoor area that’s enjoyable to be in, you maximize your property’s [...]

Instead of just owning a backyard that looks luxurious, focus on a design that is also functional. Using that extra space to blend interior and exterior spaces is [...]

Implementing a few simple design principles can go a long way to creating a beautiful yard. If you’re feeling at a loss for ideas, keep reading for some [...]

Landscaping your backyard isn’t just about visuals alone; it should also be practical and functional. A beautiful yard that does have function is lost potential and value. Multifunctional [...]