Roofers in Calgary

Why hiring a pro for your roof replacement is the best idea

A roof replacement is not a job you want to DIY. It's hard work, dangerous, and could leave your home unprotected if not done right. It's not worth the [...]

Alternatives to Cedar Shake Roofing

Cedar shake roofs were popular in the 1970s and 1980s, which means there are a lot of roofs out there that are in need of a replacement. Cedar is losing [...]

Why you should always hire a professional for a roof replacement

Residential roofing, whether repairs or replacement, is a job that needs to be taken seriously. Hiring a professional can mean peace of mind for things [...]

Choosing SHIELD Roofing & Exteriors For Your Next Roofing Project

When embarking on a roofing project for your home, you want to hire a company that provides quality work, products, and service. SHIELD Roofing & [...]

Hiring a professional to replace your roof

Roof replacement is one of the bigger jobs to keep in mind when owning a home. While a full roof replacement only takes place every 15 to 20 plus years, [...]

Importance of professional pre-purchase roof inspection

Buying or upgrading to a new home is a big step, but also an exciting one. Be confident with your decision by investing in pre-purchase inspections. Things [...]

Considerations when it’s time to re-roof your home

While you can extend the life of your home’s roof through proper maintenance, eventually, it will be time to replace the roof. There are many things to [...]

Why roofing system maintenance is essential in Calgary

Roofing systems, including gutters, are some of the most important parts of your home’s exterior. Having a properly working eavestrough system is [...]

How to choose the right roofers in Calgary

If it’s time for a roof replacement, choosing the right roofers in Calgary is essential. You need a roofing company that has the experience and offers [...]

Why two-ply torch method for flat roofing is the best option

When it comes to flat roofing, knowledge, experience, and the best installation methods will ensure a long-lasting, waterproof roof. For commercial and [...]