The benefits of adding a new kitchen in your basement

There are many ways to customize a basement, whether as a home theatre or a new rental suite. But when it comes to combing value-boosting renovations, adding a new kitchen is a top contender.

Nest Builder in Edmonton is a professional general contractor with over 17 years of experience. They share some of the home benefits that adding a kitchen to your basement will offer:

All-in-one kitchen use

You can add a full kitchen downstairs, even if you are not planning on building a basement secondary suite. Instead, think of the kitchen as a new multi-use space for entertaining, hosting events, or even visiting family. If you have long-term guests, they can enjoy their own space to grab a morning coffee or make a meal. Home theatres will also benefit from a kitchen since you can conveniently store or prepare snacks. Later on, if you do decide to add a basement suite, the kitchen is ready to go.

New freedom in design

Unlike your upstairs kitchen, which is already in a set place, think of your basement as a clean slate. The design and location of your kitchen are completely open, meaning you can create something truly unique. If you love to entertain, then build a bar-like kitchen. Install wall shelving to hold wine and a wrap-out kitchen island to prepare drinks and entertain. You can keep the kitchen separate or incorporate it into a second basement dining room. Once you know how you plan to use your basement, just design your kitchen to fit!

Full-size kitchen or kitchenette?

If you love the idea of a second kitchen, but don’t want another full-sized one, consider a kitchenette. The kitchenette is less of a basement feature and more of a useful addition. It provides all the essentials, such as counter space, dishwasher, sink, and stove, but in a smaller area. Typically, these are built into a corner of the basement, but can easily be expanded later with more counter space or an island. Kitchenettes are particularly ideal for smaller basements, basic food prep, or to help accommodate guests. There are plenty of ways to creatively design one, so draw some inspiration from these kitchenette layouts and ideas.

Boost your home’s value

Both basements and kitchens are among the top best renovations for ROI and improving home value. Potential buyers will appreciate the value of a finished basement, as well as the potential for added income. If you do add a basement kitchen, hire a professional contractor to help with the process. Things such as fire safety, insulating against sound or proper venting for smells, must be ensured and properly installed. A contractor will know all the safety steps, zoning by-laws and codes to ensure your new kitchen is legal and safe. Hiring a professional will also boost value by having work that is provided with quality skills and experience.

General Contractors in Edmonton

As a family-owned and operated business, Nest Builders knows how to match goals to renovation results. They pride themselves on their skills, understanding of their customers, and high-quality work. From basements, kitchens, or bathroom renovations, Nest Builders is ready to help.

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