The Value of a Bathroom Remodel or Addition

A great way to increase your home’s functionality, along with its resale value, is with a bathroom remodel or addition. Compared to other home renovations, kitchens and bathrooms bring in the most return value. The general contractors at MaderaWorx in Vancouver offer insight into how a bathroom renovation can add value to your home. 

High ROI

The return on investment determines how much of the renovation cost you expect to recover at resale. The ROI on a bathroom remodel or addition is very high compared to other interior renovations at 60-70%. Bathrooms are one of the main spaces that potential buyers look at because it’s one of the most important rooms in the home in terms of value and function. Bathroom remodels or additions are one of many home improvement projects that will increase the value of your home.

Adding Functionality

As previously mentioned, a bathroom renovation adds functionality to a home. If your home has fewer bathrooms than needed, an addition can help make life easier. No more waiting for a family member to finish using the bathroom. If your home is lacking an ensuite, that may also be a good addition. Not only will it improve lifestyle, but future homebuyers will be attracted to the value and convenience of a master bathroom.

You can also renovate a current bathroom to be more functional. You might prefer a walk-in shower for accessibility over a bathtub. Or you might want a custom vanity to provide more storage space.

Changing the style

Remodeling your bathroom is a great option if you’re looking to change the style of your home or upgrade the room. Something home buyers look for is continuity throughout the home. If you’ve got a bathroom that sticks out like a sore thumb, it may be time to remodel. This can be as simple as changing countertops, cabinets, and fixtures, or as large as a complete gut job. Nonetheless, a bathroom remodel will give you your money’s worth, and appease future buyers. If you don’t plan to sell, you’ll love the look of your new updated bathroom. 

General Contractors in Vancouver

At MaderaWorx, they guarantee the highest quality in their work. They have an impeccable reputation that has resulted in clients continuously coming back. They offer multiple services including interior design, project management, and interior and exterior renovation services.

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