Ways exterior painting can improve curb appeal

Curb appeal is defined as the visual appeal of a property and its surroundings when viewed from the street or sidewalk. Most people think curb appeal is only important if you’re trying to sell your home. While curb appeal can play a vital role in selling a property, it can also improve your personal enjoyment of the home, help protect it and help it retain its value.

Blue Chip Painting in Surrey shares some exterior painting ideas that can help boost your curb appeal:

Paint the home’s exterior.

Painting your home’s entire exterior is the best way to completely upgrade its façade. It will give a drastic change to your curb appeal, make your home look fresh and new, and improve its value too. Plus, that coat of paint will act as a protective barrier against weather, moisture, rot, pests, moss and algae growth. You can paint your wood, stucco, brick and even fiber cement siding. If you’re not sure if your home’s cladding can be painted, contact Blue Chip Painting for advice.

Paint the doors.

Painting the front door and even your garage door can greatly enhance curb appeal. Brightly coloured front entry doors are trending right now and can add a vibrant and welcoming touch to your home’s style. Check out these inviting colours to paint the front door.

Your garage door can also play a role in curb appeal. If you have an attached garage, it likely makes up the majority of your home’s front façade. If that garage door is looking worse for wear, a fresh coat of paint can rejuvenate and freshen up the look of the entire home.

Paint or stain the fence.

A front fence, or a fence that’s visible from the street, that needs painting can make a home’s exterior look tired and worn out. If you have peeling paint or faded stain on your fence, contact painters in Surrey like Blue Chip Painting for a paint job. That fresh coat of paint will show that you have pride in ownership while boosting curb appeal and resale value.

Paint the shutters and trim.

Sometimes simply painting the exterior trim on your home is enough to give it a complete facelift. Homeowners are choosing contrasting colours for their window and door trim, as well as any shutters on home’s exterior. Choose a simple white or paint the trim the same colour as your door. Painting the trim black is also a popular trend in exterior home design.

If you’re looking for professional Surrey painters, learn more about Blue Chip Painting.



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