What to expect with a major home remodel

You’re excited to embark on your major home renovation and transform a home you already like, into the home you’ve always dreamed of and will love. Whether you’re remodeling the kitchen, basement or giving the entire home a complete overhaul, there are some things you should be prepared for. Large-scale home renovations are a massive undertaking, but with the right general contractor in Edmonton, it can be an interesting and exciting process.

The contract.

When you hire a general contractor to do your home renovation, they will provide you with a detailed contract in writing. This contract will include specific descriptions of the work like the list of materials and products used, start and completion dates, terms of payment, what happens if there is a change in work, allowances, contingencies in the budget, details pertaining to permits, hiring of trades, warranties and more.

The design plans.

The first stage of any home renovation is creating a design plan. This plan will include every aspect of your project including the plan for all mechanical systems, lay out and structural changes and permits required. It will also include all the finishings of your home renovation like flooring, cabinets, countertops, lighting, tile, wall colour and any other features your renovation will have.

The pre-construction work.

Before construction your general contractor will talk to you about thinks like access to electricity and water throughout the job, storage of building materials and how waste will be disposed. They’ll go over any permits and inspections required and explain the process of this project to minimize disruptions in your home life. They will also tell you what they need from you. For example, you will have to make early product selections and will be required to make small decisions regularly throughout the project.

The construction phase.

Once construction is underway, general contractors will act as a project manager, taking care of every aspect of the major home renovation. This includes scheduling and managing all the trades that will work in your home including plumbers, electricians, drywall contractors, tile installers and others. They will make sure that each stage of the project happens in the right order to maximize efficiency and will keep you in the loop as the project goes forward.

If, during the construction stage, you change your mind about something you will be issued a Change Order. These are like mini-contracts that defines the altered or additional work and will have to be signed by you and the contractor.

Sometimes the general contactor cannot be completely sure about specific situations until the work is underway. For example, they might not know the condition of the framing behind your bathroom walls and can’t determine whether it will have to be replaced or not until the walls are out. Therefore a budget contingency is set, to take care of these unknowns during the project.

You should also be prepared, both mentally and financially, for hidden deficiencies to pop out throughout the project, especially if you’re renovating an older home. Hidden problems might be water damage in the wall below a window, dangerous electrical wiring from a previous renovation or old plumbing that is not to code. When these things come up, your contactor will discuss them with you and make an action plan to move forward. Be sure to include a little extra in your budget for these surprises.

The completion and follow up.

Once the job is done, they will walk through the home with you, so you can give it a full inspection. They will also explain any details you might need to know about your new home renovation. If something comes up that needs repair, they will provide that service at a time that’s convenient to you. They want to make sure everything is perfect to earn your complete satisfaction and their service continues even after the project is complete.

General Contractors in Edmonton

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RenovationFind certified contractors are committed to craftsmanship. All their tradesmen adhere to strict pre-qualifications and are held accountable for their products and services. They follow all current industry standards and ensure the proper inspections and permits are completed.


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