When you need to replace interior doors

The interior doors in your home play a big role in how your home looks on the inside. New, modern or freshly painted interior doors can help you home look it’s best. If your interior doors are worn out, or you are renovating it might be time for an interior door replacement.

Hallmark Doors Ltd. in Edmonton shares reasons you should replace your interior doors:

They’re damaged and dysfunctional.

If your door is damaged, there’s only so much you can do to fix it. Doors that have holes punched in them, cracks or don’t open or close properly cannot be helped with paint. The only way to restore the look of your home’s interior is to replace them.

If your doors are not opening or closing well, there could be several things wrong. One, you might not have a properly fitting door, or the door was installed improperly. Slamming the door or hitting things like furniture with it repetitively can cause misalignment over time. If this is the case, visit Hallmark Doors Ltd. to view options for a replacement.

You’re doing a major home renovation.

If you’re renovating the entire house, it’s a good time to replace your interior doors, including closet doors. Sometimes taking care of all those little fixes and replacements at once is more efficient and cost effective than piece-meal home improvements. In some remodels, your old doors won’t even fit anymore, or you might have spaces that need doors that didn’t exist before! Learn how to choose interior doors to suit your home’s new design and style.

Your doors don’t match.

If you look down your hallway and you have mismatch doors for every bedroom and bathroom, you should consider a replacement. It’s okay to have different closet doors room-to-room, but generally you want the interior doors to each room to match. Not only will you enjoy this streamline look, it will help you sell your home faster if you decide to list it in the future.

You’re sick of your dated doors.

You can quickly upgrade the look of your home’s interior with a few simple fixes. Replace your interior doors, including closet doors, and repaint the trim. When you choose new doors, pick out new hardware that will better suit an upgraded home. When you are selecting doors, you have so many options including solid wood, veneer, French doors, barn-style doors, molded and flush doors and LDI modern doors. Check out the product selection offered by Hallmark Doors.

Doors in Edmonton

Serving Edmonton for over 40 years, Hallmark Doors offers a large selection of interior residential doors including pantry, pivot, specialty and a huge variety of closet door options. Their professionals will measure your door openings for you to ensure the right fit.

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