Why asbestos removal is not a DIY homeowner project 

Finding out there is asbestos in your home is a nightmare situation for any homeowner. Trying to do a DIY removal not only risks worsening the situation but also endangers your health. If breathed in, asbestos can lead to severe internal damage, so professional help is always best.

Progressive Environmental Inc. in Vancouver is a professional asbestos and mould testing and removal company. They share more about asbestos and why hiring their professionals is the safest call to make:

Difference from mould

Unlike mould, which is a living thing, asbestos was a product used in construction during the late 1800s. It has been banned since the 1979s, but homes built up until that point may still contain some asbestos. Asbestos was used to strengthen cement, for plastics, insulation, roofing, floor tiles, and even paints. If disturbed, asbestos breaks down and releases dust particles in the air. Short-term exposure, if inhaled, may only have a low health risk. However, long-term risks can cause lung tissue scarring and, in severe cases, will lead to lung cancer.

Mould, in comparison, is naturally found in the environment and can grow indoors given the right setting. There are also twelve different types of mould, each varying in colour, shape, and degree of health risk. It is also generally easier to spot than asbestos as it grows on surfaces. Reactions from exposure to mould range from allergic reactions, infections, or rashes. Severe cases, such as long-term exposure, can be more dangerous.

Asbestos removal is risky

Without the right experience and care, asbestos removal can be a risky process. If any of it is knocked loose, the dust particles released can be easily inhaled. Old asbestos as well will naturally deteriorate and risk being released during a renovation. Even DIY asbestos kits aren’t always entirely reliable when identifying the presence of asbestos. Without proper experience, the results can be misread, and the equipment itself isn’t always professional quality. Even conducting the test itself incorrectly risks disturbing the asbestos and releasing it into the air.

The problem may be more involved

If you find signs of asbestos under your floor tiles and DIY remove it, there’s no guarantee that’s all there is. As a widespread construction material, other areas in your home likely contain asbestos. DIY searches for more asbestos, such as tearing down walls or removing more flooring, risks disturbing the asbestos. Because asbestos does not grow like mould, it requires professional experience to know where to look and safely test. The removal process itself may also be more involved, depending on the amount of asbestos present in the home.

Leave it to the pros 

Removing asbestos should always be left to a professional. Beyond just knowing where to look for asbestos, they have the right tools and equipment for the job. While store-bought asbestos testing kits are available, they are generally not recommended. Even if you think your home has asbestos in it, it’s safer to call in a professional for an inspection. A professional will know where to look for asbestos, how to safely check it, and if any is found, how to safely move it from your home.

Asbestos Removal in Vancouver

Your health and safety are the main priorities of the professionals at Progressive Environmental Inc. They work quickly, efficiently, but most importantly, safely, to help protect your home. Whether you need asbestos or mould testing and, or removal, they are the right company to call. 

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