Why Hot to Cold Mechanical is the right company for you

Finding the right company to help with your HVAC involves a few key factors. Once you find a trusted company, it also makes any future installations or repairs a breeze. You know who to call and who to trust, which is why finding the right company the first time around is a must.

Hot to Cold Mechanical in Edmonton is a trusted HVAC company. They share more about what qualities and help they offer that makes them the right choice for you:

The right financial help

Furnace and air conditioner installations and repairs can be costly, but sometimes it’s necessary. When it comes time to replace your old system, you want a replacement that will save money and be more efficient. At Hot to Cold Mechanical, they believe in helping you get that upgrade at an affordable cost. They offer Finance It, which has financing and payment plans meant to help you afford the right HVAC service. You can defer payments for a set time or make a plan for low monthly payments. Each option can be custom-tailored to your needs, so your investment will have paid for itself by the end. 

Transparency in quotes

A quality of a good company and contractor is transparency when pricing projects or work. It’s easy to start a project, only to find a massive bill at the end from extra fees and added labour costs. Hot to Cold Mechanical believes in open and honest communication, which includes their project fees. They’ll start with what work is involved, then the best product or system for your home, followed by an accurate project quote. Once you hire and work with them, you can rest assured that those prices won’t change suddenly. That transparency continues during the work, so you stay informed on any decisions that may affect costs. 

Quality products and service

A quality product will last its full lifespan, offer great savings, and make your home even more efficient. While ENERGY STAR-certified products are one guarantee, Hot to Cold Mechanical only supplies top-quality products. They use both KeepRite and Comfortmaker for heating, cooling, and refrigerator systems. Both brands are efficient, long-lasting, and add comfort and security to your home. Just as their professionals stand behind the quality of any installations or repairs, they also stand behind their supplies. Plus, any work times are just as flexible to your needs as their financial options. When complete customer satisfaction is their number one focus, flexibility is never a question.

HVAC Companies in Edmonton

Hot to Cold Mechanical has over 15 years of HVAC experience in both residential and commercial work. Over the years, their professionals have learned how to provide their customers with the best possible service. They pride themselves on integrity in their care, quality of work in their services, and trust that they are the best company for you. 

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