Why You Should Consider Artificial Grass

artificial grass edmonton

When you think of artificial turf you probably think about golf courses and football fields, but artificial grass is becoming more popular for homeowners and has many benefits. Evergreen Turf in Edmonton shares why you should consider artificial grass for your yard:

Beautiful green lawn all the time!

The first benefit is the most obvious, you’ll have the greenest grass in the neighbourhood every month of year. While your neighbours have to wait for their brown dead grass to recuperate after a long winter, yours will be lush, green and visibly more enjoyable soon as the snow melts off of it.

No more lawn maintenance!

Artificial grass can look great all the time and you’ll never have to mow, trim, water or fertilize to keep it looking that way. Forget about weeds, needing to spray pesticides and enjoy saving money on your water bill every month. When you come home from work you can just relax in your enhanced outdoor space instead of rushing to mow the grass.

Synthetic turf looks like the real thing!

Evergreen Turf offers high-quality synthetic products that look and feel like real grass. They have extensive knowledge and expertise in designing and installing synthetic grass, ensuring you’ll get the best and most attractive yard without all the work.

Quality synthetic grass is long lasting!

Your synthetic turf will last up to 30 years with little or no maintenance. Long soft polyethylene fibres have a lower built thatch and a spine technology that offers more resilience for high traffic areas. That means your turf will ‘spring back’ without looking worn out and can withstand any messes your pets might leave behind too.

It’s a great investment!

Artificial turf is a good investment and will boost your curb appeal. Think of the money you will save over the years in sprinkler systems, regular sod replacement, watering, cutting, fertilizers, chemicals and other lawn maintenance costs.

Artificial turf can be used in many applications!

Artificial turf can be used in your front and back yard, roof top patio, at-home putting green or to create a special low-maintenance pet area on your property. Other applications include golf courses, commercial landscaping, playgrounds and sports fields.

Artificial Grass Company in Edmonton

Evergreen Turf is recognized as the leader in the sale, design and installation of synthetic turf in Alberta for more than 12 years. They are backed by Southwest Greens’ eco-friendly artificial grass and synthetic turf that sets the industry standard for performance, aesthetics and durability. They offer several varieties of synthetic grass to meet the most demanding residential and commercial landscape needs.

Evergreen Turf also offers financing for the purchase and installation of their artificial turf. Zero down payment is required, there are no upfront fees or payout penalties and they can work out long term, low payments to make your landscaping project more affordable. Learn more about financing. 

Ready to make the switch? Contact Evergreen Turf today!


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