10 Ways to Add Life and Spice to Old Homes

There are some interesting and affordable decors and techniques which can add life and spice to old homes. Old homes usually have old fashioned decoration or decors in them. You can either totally replace them with new ones or along with a few old ones, you can add new ones. It brings a contemporary look to the old homes. It is usually fun to decorate an old house and see how beautiful it turns out.

So, here are 10 ways to add life and spice to old homes:

Custom artificial trees

The custom artificial trees are the synthetic trees, mostly made of plastic material. They are customized according to the customers’ needs and requirements. The custom artificial trees could be ordered from a good company or some types could be made at home. If you want to buy them, they are available at affordable prices in almost all décor stores.

If you think you can make them, you can try some Do-It-Yourself methods to create them. They are easy to make and you can have fun while making them. The materials for artificial trees are available in wholesale. So, you can try to make the ones which suit your interest.

Fake decorative trees

Fake decorative trees are one of the trending decors in the market. These, fake decorative trees are adaptable and do not require too much money or any maintenance. This makes them the designers’ favorite. Add one or two fake decorative trees at the corners of the home or at the entrance of the home. The make the entrance look welcoming.

Commercial silk trees

Commercial silk trees are one of the trending decors which will help you in spicing your old homes. They are available at various prices. You can choose the one which fits your budget. The commercial silk trees are made of fine silk materials which make them look fresh and shiny. This will also add life to your home and keeps the home lively and pleasant.

Japanese bonsai trees

Japanese bonsai trees are the cutest decors among the interior and exterior decors. They also help you in setting up a beautiful landscape. Japanese bonsai trees are available ready-made in the shops and could be created at homes too. Their dwarfism makes them more attractive and noticeable. Bring them home. They will help you add life and spice to your old home.


Hangings are great at attracting attention. They can be hanged from a hook or can be hanged on the wall. Both are a great idea to make your old home lively and beautiful. The kind of hangings you use decides whether the hanging is adding life or spicing up your old home. If you have time and if interest to make one, you can actually try making them. There are many videos available on the net. Anybody can easily make beautiful hangings at home. So, try them at home or if you can’t afford time then buy them. Bring the ones which suit your home interior.

Wall art or stickers

The best way and easiest way to style the old house is to add wall art or stickers. There are many varieties of wall arts and stickers available in the market. The prices vary from place to place and design to design. The advantage of this is that you can change them from time to time. According to the season or occasion, you can change the art or stickers.

They are very easy to use. Just remove the thick paper stick at the back of the sticker and stick them at the appropriate place. You can remove them whenever you want. It is easy to use and remove.


Stencils are thick or thin sheets which have carved designs in them. They are placed on the surface and painted on the surface through the design. It brings the carved design on the wall. The stencils, if they are thick, could be used for space division too.

Stencils are one of the stylish artificial walls for interiors. They are slightly costly but are worth a try. There are even thin sheets of stencils which could be repeatedly used for creating a repeated design over the wall.

Designer or unique furniture

To add life and spice to your old home place a designer or some kind of unique furniture. The furniture has to be attractive and noticeable. A good furniture will cover-up all the wrongs and bad of the old house. Place them where there are cracks or breaks at your home.

This helps them cover it up and also decorates the home. They make your home look updated and makes it more attractive. They are available in varies materials and prices. You can bring the ones which suit the interior of your home.

Flooring designs

The flooring design also helps you in adding life and spice to the old home. These days, flooring is also given enough important for creating an appeal of the houses. So, add some floor stickers or floor mats to your old home.

You can even try to use your old rags to make a floor mat. The colorful looking floor mat can make your home look lively and spicy. If the floor mats have geometrical shapes on them, they add dimensions to the room. So, add varieties of floor stickers and mats.


Lightings are most important in adding life and spice to your home. Add LED lights if possible. They make space look much brighter and lively. You can add other types of lights too. Make sure that they are not too dim. It is better to use white or light yellow lights for the home. You can even add fairy lightings if you have a pathway through your garden.


The above are the 10 ways to add life and spice to your old homes. They are simple and easy ways to execute. They help you to add liveliness and spice to your old home. These ideas will help you to make your old home interesting as well as pleasant to stay.


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