3 Natural Stone Countertop Options

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You’ve just moved into your new home. Congratulations! If you’ve purchased a home that needs a kitchen renovation, a major component of that remodel will be the countertops. Natural stone countertops offer a luxurious, high-end appeal and can increase the value of your home. They’re a popular choice among homeowners.

Here are three popular natural stone countertop options and some information on each to help you decide which is best for you:

Granite Countertops

Granite countertops in Edmonton are probably the most popular choice among homeowners. Edmonton granite companies offer a huge selection of granite slabs for you to choose from. Since they’re naturally mined from the earth, no two pieces of granite are alike, giving you a totally unique countertop. Granite in Edmonton is durable, when sealed properly it is resistant to moisture, staining and bacteria and is 100% resistant to heat. They come in a limitless range of colours and veining patterns and are a great choice for your kitchen renovation. Read more articles about granite countertops.

Cost: $50-$200 per square foot installed. Price depends on the thickness, colour and uniqueness of veining as well as the complexity of installation.

Quartz Countertops

Engineered quartz countertops are very trendy for kitchen remodels. They are manufactured using about 93% quartz minerals and 7% resin to hold it together. Because they are not 100% natural, manufacturers can create quartz countertops in a wide array of colours, styles and patterns. Your quartz can look like veiny granite or you can have a bold, solid coloured countertop in white, green, red, teal or any colour for that matter! Quartz is non-porous, making it resistant to stains, scratches and heat. Unlike marble or granite in Edmonton, it does not need to be periodically sealed and is a good, low-maintenance option.

Cost: $50-$150 per square foot installed. Price depends on the grade and brand of quartz and the complexity of installation.

Marble Countertops

Marble countertops are a luxurious choice for your kitchen and/or bathroom renovation. Priced higher than granite and quartz, marble will give your home an unmatched elegance and incredible wow-factor. Marble is not as care-free as engineered quartz or granite, so you must be careful about scratching, chipping and staining. Make sure you seal it regularly and commit to its maintenance and this is countertop surface you’ll love for years to come. Learn more about installing marble countertops in your kitchen.

Cost: $70-$250 per square foot installed. Price depends on thickness, veining and colour as well as the complexity of the installation.


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