3 reasons to hire a pro for your basement renovation

A basement renovation is one of those great multi-value projects that can enhance both your property and lifestyle value. The initial cost of a renovation may make it tempting to do it on your own, but there are some renovations best left to the pros. While saving money now is appealing, a professional contractor will guarantee that you also save money in the long run. Basement renovations in particular have rules, regulations and sometimes require special equipment, that all may be different from usual renovations.

That’s where DNA Renovations in Edmonton come in. They professionals in basement renovations, and share their professional tips when it comes to leaving a renovation to them:

1. Permits, permits, permits

If you are renovating your basement, you will need a permit. And, depending on what you have planned, you may need more than one.

Knowing which permits you need are crucial not only for safety, but also if you intend to sell in future. Missing a permit can result in serious consequences and possibly incur more expenses or fines. A professional contractor, however, will know exactly what permits are needed and will take care of it all before the project begins. That way, you’ll save yourself the time, stress and possible expenses down the road.

2. A professional guarantees experience and knowledge

Having experience cannot be understated when it comes to a complex project like finishing, remodeling, or renovating a room. Particularly so, when it’s about basements, as you want to have the right materials and proper supports in place. A professional who has worked in the field for years will know exactly how to handle and avoid any mishaps. Installing proper finishing, suggesting the right flooring, or knowing which support columns must stay, are common knowledge for a professional. In addition to any necessary permits, they will also be aware of any codes and regulations that need to be followed.

3. Save yourself the time and money 

Leaving the work to a professional will also save you time. Doing a basement renovation by yourself can be a great way to save money by working on it here and there, but it puts timely completion at risk. If you find yourself only able to do a few hours of work each day, the project could drag on. In the end, you might find yourself with a completely unfinished basement. However, a professional will be able to come in and handle the project in a quick and timely manner. That way, you can recoup the cost faster and also use the space sooner rather than later. 

Basement Renovations in Edmonton 

DNA Renovations offers over 20 years of experience, which means that when you choose them, it’s a guarantee that the job is done right. Their focus in directed at both quality of work, as well as quality of customer satisfaction. They are mindful of your budget and also offer a one-year warranty so you can have absolute peace of mind.

Don’t hesitate to contact DNA Renovations today for your basement renovation needs.

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