3 Ways to get your roof ready for winter

Protect the structural integrity of your entire home with winter roof prep. This essential step in exterior home maintenance and care has the potential to save you from inconveniences over winter or unsafe situations. Fall is right around the corner, and there are a few critical areas of your roof where expert fall roof prep will make all the difference come winter and the rainy season.

Citadel Roof & Building Maintenance in Vancouver is a full-service roofing company with 15 years of experience. Their services include repairs, maintenance, and replacements. Plus, Citadel Roofing offers a host of building and home maintenance services. Read more of their tips as you prepare your home for winter.

3 Ways to prepare your roof for winter

Keeping a close eye on the state of your roof before heavy rain and snowfall will ensure you avoid a costly roof replacement.

1. Get the roof professionally cleaned

Residential roofing quickly becomes covered in natural debris like branches, moss, dirt, and leaves. Additionally, some of this debris can increase the moisture trapped on the roof. Citadel Roofing specializes in exterior cleaning, including moss and algae removal. They approach each roof and mess with close attention to detail and safety.

2. Schedule a roof inspection

This might be convenient to have completed while you have a roof cleaned before winter. A detailed roof inspection will go a long way for your home comfort and wallet. Your roofing expert will inform you of any damage, possible future issues, and ways to fix it. Citadel Roof & Building Maintenance has over 15 years of experience inspecting roofs. Their repairs could help you save from having to replace the roof altogether. Citadel inspects the shingles, gutters, underlay, and seals to ensure the roof as a whole works properly and efficiently.

3. Have any roof issues repaired

It is always a good idea to complete exterior home repairs before winter. First, winter can make outdoor work more difficult or impossible. Second, the consequences of ignoring the repairs can be more significant in the cold and rainy months. Count on Citadel Roofing and Building Maintenance for roof repairs, no matter the scope or size of the issue.

Roofing in Vancouver

The professionals at Citadel help Vancouver homeowners with roof cleaning, inspections, maintenance, and repairs. Citadel also offers high-quality roof installations and replacements. They specialize in asphalt roof installations. However, their maintenance and repair services can apply to all roof types. Citadel Roof & Building Maintenance are proudly certified as GAF Master Elite Roofers.

Contact Citadel Roof & Building Maintenance to get your roof winter-ready.

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