4 Benefits of cabinet refinishing

If you don’t like your kitchen cabinets, you can replace, reface, or refinish them. However, a cabinet replacement will cost more than refinishing. And often, a complete cabinet replacement isn’t necessary for the cabinet’s function. Cost savings are a significant benefit to refinishing cabinets, but there are more.

Superior Refinishing Inc. in Winnipeg focuses on refinishing versus replacement. Their professional team is experienced with making the old new again on most home surfaces. And their cabinet refinishing services come with the benefit of a lower cost when compared to replacing cabinets. Here they share four benefits of cabinet refinishing.

1. The cabinet customization options

When you opt for cabinet refinishing, your colour options are vast. Surperior Refinishing Inc. offers free estimates for their cabinet refinishing. Their team will show you all the different style options for refinishing cabinets in Winnipeg. These include a urethane-hardened coat of paint, stain, and lacquer or offer new drawer fronts.

This method, known as cabinet refacing, allows you to keep all the original structure except drawer fronts. Other painting and refinishing companies do not typically offer this service. The drawer fronts from Superior Refinishing Inc. come in a modern maple shaker style with the finishing of your choice. In addition, they offer modern hidden European-style hinges that can be used on any cabinet box style. Like cabinet refinishing, cabinet refacing can give you a completely new kitchen at a fraction of the cost of a cabinet replacement.

2. The cabinet protection

Cabinet refinishing is a great way to restore, avoid waste, and keep the original pieces of your home. And in this process, you ensure the cabinets can last even longer. For example, a refinishing project can help protect bathroom cabinets from moisture damage. It can also protect against damage, stains, nicks, and cuts.

3. The improved look and quality of your home

Sometimes, cabinet refinishing is all a room needs. This can be all a room needs to look new again, modern and updated, or ready for resale. Superior Refinishing Inc. offers cabinet refinishing services for all styles. They can help you pick a neutral stain for resale or a funky colour to fit your style. In addition to the improved look of the cabinets, refinishing can increase the quality of the wood. This will ensure the cabinets last much longer than they could before refinishing.

4. Smaller environmental impact

Why throw something away when it still works? Refinishing projects can help you shrink your environmental footprint during various renovations. When it comes to cabinets, you can avoid throwing away any material with cabinet refinishing experts. The professional team at Superior Refinishing Inc. keeps the environment in mind with refinishing services for a variety of surfaces and with the products they use to refinish.

Cabinet Refinishing in Winnipeg

With a focus on making the old look and feel new again, Superior Refinishing Inc. in Winnipeg can refresh almost any surface. Their cabinet refinishing services can be applied to kitchens, bathrooms, entertainment areas, and more. In addition, they can help you avoid costly renovations by refinishing cabinets, countertops, floors, showers, bathtubs, appliances, concrete, and stucco!

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