4 Projects that Require Excavation Contractors

Excavating is a daunting job, no matter the project. And numerous renovation projects require some level of excavation. For example, smaller landscaping projects can require light excavations. On the other hand, more significant projects like concrete removal also require professional excavation contractors.

The family-owned Simmons Construction & Contracting in Edmonton has over 30 years of experience delivering high-quality excavation services. Their professional excavation services can also come alongside expert concrete and asphalt services. These are some common examples of when those professional excavation services are most needed.

1. When utility lines are installed

When utility lines are installed, like gas for heating a garage, a lot of digging will be involved. And hiring professionals to take care of this excavation work cut down the time it takes by a significant amount. In addition, excavation contractors like Simmons Construction in Edmonton can use heavy-duty equipment to get the excavation done right the first time.

2. Various landscaping projects

Many types of landscaping projects or renovations will require the expertise of excavation contractors. Professional excavation contractors in Edmonton know where and when to dig and the required city permits. Common reasons to hire professional excavation contractors like Simmons Construction include sidewalk removal, patio removal, stone removal, and soil grading.

3. Inground pool removal and installation

Most pool renovations require professional excavation contractors. This can include replacing an old pool or excavating for a new one. Filling an inground pool can require a professional concrete and excavation contractor too. The excavation experts at Simmons Construction & Contracting can assist with pool projects. And they can assist from start to finish. Their excavation contracting in Edmonton can help you create the space for a new inground pool. And you can utilize their concrete services for finishing areas around the pool.

4. Driveway and concrete slab removal

You can count on Simmons for concrete services of all kinds in the Edmonton area. But there may be old concrete to remove before you install a new driveway. Simmons Construction & Contracting can help, no matter the size of the driveway. There are many details and safety concerns regarding any digging, especially complete excavations. This makes hiring professionals who know what to look for before removal begins is even more critical. Simmons completes all excavations with safety and quality top of mind.

Excavation Contractors in Edmonton

The importance of hiring experienced professionals for excavation projects is safety and quality. Excavations require heavy machinery and equipment and digging. Simmons Construction & Contracting offers excavation services for projects large or small. And if you don’t need to go as far as an excavation, Simmons Construction also offers resurfacing. Additionally, Simmons provides bobcat services for landscaping, outdoor projects, and winter snow removal in Edmonton.

Contact Simmons Construction & Contracting today for quality excavation and concrete services.

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