4 tips for renovating your condo in Edmonton

Condo renovations require careful planning, and there are unique factors to consider. For example, unlike a single detached home renovation, you must consider your condo association’s rules and regulations and communicate openly with your neighbours about the project.

Peak Improvements is a full-service renovation company that offers start-to-finish renovation services for row homes and apartment condominiums. Here, they share five tips to help ensure a successful condo renovation in Edmonton:

1. Understand the condo association’s rules and regulations

Before you begin any renovation work, thoroughly review the rules and regulations set by the condo association. Condo associations often have specific guidelines regarding renovation projects. For example, they might have regulations regarding working hours, noise restrictions, and the upgrades you can make.

Ensure you understand these rules and share them with your Edmonton renovation contractor. In addition, your contractor must obtain the necessary permits and permissions before construction starts.

2. Talk to your neighbours

Condo living often means you’re sharing walls, ceilings or floors with neighbours. Sometimes, all three! Therefore, it’s essential that you talk to your neighbours about your renovation plans in advance. Let them know about things like noise and construction that might temporarily disrupt them. Let them know that you and your contractor will strive to reduce disruption and inconveniences as much as possible! Good communication with your neighbours will help you build and maintain positive relationships with them.

3. Plan and budget carefully

Before you start the renovation, think about your renovation goals and priorities. Decide which areas of the condo you want to renovate and what changes you want to make. Then, get in touch with a renovation company that is experienced with condo renovations in Edmonton.

A company like Peak Improvements can help you create a detailed budget with all anticipated costs, including materials, labour, and permits. Additionally, you should put aside another 15% as a contingency budget for those unforeseen expenses. A clear budget will help you avoid overspending and keep the project on track.

Looking for inspiration? Check out these condo remodelling ideas.

4. Work with qualified professionals

Choosing the right contractor for your condo renovation is crucial. When you work with Peak Improvements, you’ll gain access to a team of designers, project managers, trades, and other professionals. They’ll help you transform your ideas into reality, offering a streamlined process and a positive renovation experience.

Additionally, a qualified renovation team will understand local building codes and regulations. Peak Improvements has experience working on condo remodels and understands the nuances of condo board requirements and expectations.

Condo Renovations in Edmonton

Remember that every condo renovation is unique, and what works for one project might not work for another. Peak Improvements will ensure your condo renovation design plan is tailored to your specific situation and priorities.

Whether you’re updating a kitchen, remodelling a bathroom, or making other upgrades, careful planning and a focus on compliance and communication will ensure a successful condo renovation in Edmonton.

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