What is design-build renovating and why is it important?

Design-build renovation is a method in the construction and renovation industry where one person or company handles a project’s design and construction phases. Design-build project delivery allows the designers, trades, and construction teams to collaborate with the homeowner and work closely from the start of a project. Ultimately, everyone is on the same page and working towards a common goal, so the results are the most successful.

Peak Improvements is a design-build renovation company in Edmonton. They share key features of design-build renovations and why it’s the best choice for your major project.

Single point of responsibility

With a design-build approach, one project manager or company is responsible for every project stage and its success. Alternatively, homeowners can manage their own projects and have separate contracts with everyone working on the renovation. While this method can save a little money, it can get complicated, expensive, and stressful fast!

Successful collaboration = successful results

Collaboration between the design and construction teams is integral to the design-build approach. Peak Improvements’ design-build process allows for effective problem-solving, innovation, and streamlined decision-making. Everyone is working together, understands their role, and has the same goal: to exceed the homeowner’s expectations on their home renovation. Plus, having access to experienced home design services in Edmonton ensures your vision for your home becomes reality.

Streamlined process

In some cases, the design and construction phases overlap. Additionally, your expert project manager will ensure the various trades jobs will be scheduled and completed correctly. Compared to doing all this yourself, and if the supply chain cooperates, the design-build renovation method can streamline the process and lead to faster completion times.

Furthermore, design-build teams can quickly adapt to unexpected challenges and changes. They constantly communicate and work together to solve problems and get the project back on track.

Accurate budgeting

Having a well-laid design plan at the start of your renovation can help you set an accurate and reasonable budget for the project. Then, early involvement and collaboration with the construction team and sub-trades ensure better cost control throughout the renovation. As a result, you’ll experience fewer cost overruns and can keep your renovation on budget. Read these home renovation budget tips!

Fewer change orders

Design-build renovation reduces error and ensures you are happy with the design plan before they order products and start construction. In addition, it ensures clear communication between the homeowner, design, and construction teams. Change orders can blow your budget and cause delays. As experienced design-build general contractors in Edmonton, Peak Improvements can help reduce change orders.

Design-Build Renovations in Edmonton

Any home renovation project relies on the expertise and knowledge of your home renovation company in Edmonton. Peak Improvements will work with you to provide exceptional design, streamlined project delivery, and renovation results that exceed your expectations.

Contact Peak Improvements to start planning!

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