How to add space without the cost of a home addition

There are several reasons as to why homes need more space. Growing and changing families, new interests, hobbies, or work may call for more space around the house. With these reasons in mind, you may still hesitate on a significant renovation like an addition. If an addition isn’t in your budget, you can still rely on general contractors to expand your living spaces.

Molecular Construction Ltd. in Edmonton is an experienced general contractor offering these often custom home renovations. Their construction experts and in-house engineers have the expertise to find potential for more space. Molecular is also experienced working with the city of Edmonton on permits and codes and with interior designers.

Here are some ideas to add space to your home:

Transform a room

This type of home renovation is ideal if you need more space for a specific use. Commonly under-utilized rooms include basements and spare bedrooms. Working with a reputable general contractor in Edmonton Molecular Construction Ltd. will help you see any room’s potential. For example, extra bedrooms are often transformed into hobby rooms, home offices, or nicer guest rooms.

Develop the basement

A basement development adds, for sure, one extra room to your home. Moreover, basement developments could equal more bedrooms, another bathroom, a home entertainment area, and a rec room. But no matter what your basement renovation entails, the finished product increases the home’s value.

Add new outdoor living areas.

Take advantage of the landscape design and construction services from Molecular Construction Ltd. With these services, your outdoor living space becomes a possible new entertaining area, outdoor kitchen, or living room. Adding a deck, patio, and other outdoor living spaces will also increase your home’s resale value.

Transform the floorplan

A whole-home renovation expert like Molecular Construction in Edmonton will renovate floorplans with your needs in mind. The redesign is a sure-fire way to add space where you need it the most. Ask the Molecular Construction Ltd. design and construction experts about wall removal, rearranging major fixtures, or adding walls. Plus, Molecular offers exterior renovations, too. They can redesign your home so your new indoor living spaces flow flawlessly into the outdoor living spaces.

General Contractors in Edmonton

In addition to whole-home and custom residential renovations, Molecular Construction Ltd. in Edmonton also offers commercial renovations. The local family-owned business has helped Edmonton homeowners with major renovations for over 30 years. They have experience with a variety of significant renovations. And if you did need actual square footage added to your home, you can also count on Molecular Construction for custom additions.

Molecular Construction Inc. uses the expertise of designers, carpenters, architects, and engineers to create stylish and functional renovations. They approach every renovation with meticulous attention to detail and quality.

Contact Molecular Construction Ltd. today for all large-scale and major home renovations!

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