Three ideas to renovate your business’s office space

There are many benefits to renovating a commercial office space. For one, a fresh new look for employees can help motivate them and increase productivity. Also, leaving a lasting impression is essential if you have clients visiting your office space. A well-designed, functional office translates into a positive message for clients and potential clients. Last but certainly not least, a modern office style will help entice employees working from home to return to the office.

NRD Construction in Ottawa shares three great ideas to renovate your office space!

New flooring

Installing new flooring will give your commercial office space an updated look. Over time, old office carpets start to look dark and drab. Moreover, old carpets collect stains, dust and allergens that are hard to remove. The result is a less-than-enjoyable office space for your employees. Clients might not be thrilled to visit either. All this can change when you decide to install new flooring! You can choose from various materials, like vinyl, hardwood, office carpet and more! This will help give your office space a makeover you’ll be proud to show off.

NRD Construction has ample experience installing new flooring and office carpet in commercial office spaces. They are a one-stop shop that will turn your commercial setting into a place your staff will love!

New Layout

A new layout can take your commercial office space from thumbs down to two thumbs up! A well-thought-out layout can also increase productivity and create a positive employee experience. When it comes to layout ideas, there are many, so be sure to work with an experienced contractor who can help make suggestions. One option is an open, dynamic layout that creates better workflows between employees. Or, you can build new office pods or cubicles that your staff will enjoy working at. Newly designed meeting and presentation rooms will also boost your commercial office space.

At NRD Construction, they are ready to make your commercial office space dreams come true! Call them today to discuss your vision for office renovations!

New Bathrooms

It’s not something all business owners think of, but bathrooms are among the most used rooms in any commercial office space. Old bathrooms with outdated fixtures that aren’t looking or functioning their best aren’t just design problems. In our post-Covid era, keeping bathrooms up-to-date and clean will mean the difference between employees who want to work at your company and those who don’t. And don’t forget, if you plan to renovate your office space, the renovation would not be complete without updated bathrooms.

NRD Construction uses a team of highly skilled professionals to offer excellent bathroom renovations in Calgary. They will ensure the bathrooms in your commercial office space look stunning!

General Contractors in Ottawa

NRD Construction provides a customer satisfaction guarantee on all their work. As a result, you never have to worry about less-than-stellar renovations. This company will keep working until you are more than happy with the finished product! They have a range of general contracting services that they offer. For example, they complete bathroom renovations, flooring installations and kitchen renovations. They also install new office carpet and provide exterior home renovations as well!

Call NRD Construction today to book a free consultation for your commercial office space reno!

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