5 Benefits of an Awning for Your Home

Awnings provide your home with shade from the sun. You might want to shade your south facing windows or enhance your outdoor living space by installing an awning to cover your entire patio or deck. Solaris in Edmonton offers both fixed or retractable awnings. They share the benefits of this valuable home improvement:

1. Increase your home’s functional living space.

An awning that covers your deck or patio will create a more comfortable and functional space for your family. An awning will provide good shade, so you won’t have to worry about sitting out in the hot sun and can stay outside if the weather brings a little rain. It will also help protect your patio furniture from the sun’s UV rays.

2. Awnings are available for every application.

Solaris can offer awning shade solutions for nearly every residential application. Whether you want to shade an entire wall, large porch or patio, a smaller or mid-sized patio or an individual window, they can provide and install the best product for your specific needs. Regarding individual windows, they offer products that can be custom-fit to your windows and architecture and provide maximum shade too.

3. Improve your home’s exterior aesthetics.

Both fixed and retractable awnings are available in a wide range of colours and styles and can be custom-made to fit your space. Choose from more than 180 fabric choices for each of Solaris’ awnings and other style options that will compliment your home’s overall design and meet your needs for shade. For design ideas, check out the best retractable awning ideas.

4. Retractable awnings offer multiple options for shade.

Retractable awnings, whether motorized or manual, offer more options when it comes to shade preferences. On those hot sunny days, you can choose to have it fully extended to provide maximum shade. You can also retract your awning if you want a little sun, or to change up the amount of shade on your patio depending on the time of day. With a motorized awning, this can be done with the turn of a handle or by pushing a button.

5. Retractable awnings can be put away and protected in bad weather.

Install a retractable awning and you can retract it when heavy weather hits, ensuring it doesn’t get damaged by winter storms, strong winds and rain. Retracting your awning when it’s not in use will also prevent the fabric from fading and unnecessary strain on the frame.

Awnings in Edmonton

Solaris Canada provides awnings, screen rooms and Phantom retractable screens for your home or business. Their innovative products are both energy efficient and stylish. Not only do they offer top-quality products and expert installation, their service also includes yearly cleanings, check ups, warranty service and preventative maintenance packages. Solaris keeps your awnings and screens in top condition. Increase your comfort and enjoyment of your home – visit their showroom today!


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