5 questions to ask yourself to help plan your landscape  

Landscaping your back yard is a perfect way to create a beautiful outdoor oasis where you can relax and enjoy nature. It also sets up a great layout to entertain friends and family! But just like a renovation, it’s important to make sure you properly plan first. The size of your yard, what plants you want and even where the sun shines most are all important factors.

Maranatha Landscaping in Vancouver is a professional landscaping company. They share some key questions to ask in order to help plan your new landscape:

1. What will you use your backyard for? 

Knowing how you intend on spending most of your time outdoors is important to planning a landscape design. Are you a summer grill master and love to host friends? Or are you more of a glass of wine at sunset? Maybe gardening is your talent and you want to have as many plants as possible. All of these questions will differently affect how you go about designing your space. You might want lots of cute winding footpaths or a little seating area surrounded by flowers. Once you know that, you can move onto the next question.

2. Do you want any special features?

Think of landscape features like a feature you might have in your home. Some homes have a dramatic staircase or a beautiful stone fireplace, your backyard can have something too.

What you choose for a feature will likely depend on what you plan to use your backyard for. If you want to enjoy your backyard, then waterfalls or adding natural rocks provide a relaxing ambiance. If you want a green thumb oasis, then styling interlocking paving stone pathways will lead you around your yard. Whether you want a grand feature or something simple or nothing at all, your yard is your choice! Check out these backyard design features for some creative inspiration!

3. What’s your budget? 

Equally as important as knowing the design is knowing your budget! Don’t get carried away with designing footpaths, waterfalls, and flowerbeds and then forget the plants. That’s why it’s important to have a budget, so you can match your ideas to a realistic price. Once you have a budget in mind, talk to your landscape contractor. They’ll guide you through the best ways to invest your money and transform your yard, without breaking the bank.

This is also a great time to discuss what plants will work best both within your budget, but also with your yard’s lighting. The right colours and diversity will create a real “wow” effect, but not if your plant choice doesn’t survive. Make sure you ask your landscape contractor which plants will and won’t work!

4. Do you have a maintenance budget in mind? 

A landscaped backyard will need a maintenance budget. After all, those trees and flowers need watering, fertilizer, and the lawn needs mowing! If you’re a total green thumb pro, then your budget will be based on what tools and materials you need for upkeep. If you enjoy a little work, then maybe it’s just some mowing and weeding. Or, you plan to hire a professional landscape maintenance service to take care of the upkeep for you. Whichever you decide is best, you need to incorporate a budget to do so!

Landscapers in Vancouver 

Maranatha Landscaping pride themselves on transforming your yard from just a space to a perfect, private oasis. They can help plant trees, shrubs, build footpaths and flower beds or even create waterfalls. Whatever your definition of an oasis is, that is what they will build for you. When you work with them, it is guaranteed that your vision will become the perfect reality.

Don’t wait, contact Maranatha Landscaping today!


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