5 reasons to choose VE stone for your stone countertops

You want the best for your home. If you’re renovating and want to use stone countertops, the first step is choosing a stone provider and installer for the job. How can you be sure you’re choosing the right company for the job with so many companies out there?

VE Stone in Surrey is an experienced natural stone countertop provider. They share five reasons why you should choose them for your stone manufacturer and installer:

1. Experience and reputation

VE Stone has built a solid reputation for customer service and excellent work. When fabricating and installing stone, you want to make sure you hire a company that knows what they’re doing. The experts at VE Stone can work with your design plans to create perfect countertops. Installing stone countertops is best left to the professionals. VE Stone installers are so good that your countertops will be virtually seamless.

VE Stone is also RenovationFind Certified. That means they have been prescreened and vetted by a third-party organization to ensure proper licensing, insurance, and a clean legal and financial history. They are a company you can trust.

2. Choose your slab

When purchasing natural stone for your countertops, you want to be able to look through a selection of slabs. Every piece of granite and marble is different and unique. Choosing a company with access to the actual slab will allow you to pick the piece you want. You can also decide what area of the slab you wish to fabricate into your countertop if there is a colour or veining pattern on one end of the slab you like best. With other countertop companies, you can only choose from what you see in their showroom.

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3. Massive selection

VE Stone has hundreds of different stone colours and designs to choose. Whether you want granite, marble, or engineered quartz countertops, they will help you find the perfect match for your home renovation. They also carry many different brands, including Caesarstone, SileStone, LG Viatera, Quartzform, and many others. Having variety and lots to choose from gives you more options for your kitchen and bath projects.

4. In-house stone fabrication

VE Stone is a full-scale fabrication company. That means they manufacture your countertop right in their shop. In-house fabrication allows for more straightforward communication and custom work for your countertops. When you purchase a countertop from a company that sources their fabrication out-of-house, all communication goes through a third party instead of from the source itself.

5. Top-of-the-line technology and equipment

VE Stone will template your project using advanced digital technology. Their accurate measuring will ensure your countertop design is precise. When it’s time to cut the stone, they input CAD drawings into their automated 5-axis Italian Intermac Master CNC saw. From there, the CNC cuts, shapes, and polishes your stone. Their CNC saw uses the most advanced technology in the stone industry. It can make precise cuts for stone countertops but also can do dimensional stonework for unique projects.

Countertops in Surrey

VE Stone is a full-scale fabrication facility. They work on the smallest bathroom job to the largest commercial project. At their facility located in Surrey BC, they have hundreds of different stone colours for you to select from, include granite marble and quartz.

Visit their showroom or contact them today!

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