5 Tips for Planning a Major Home Remodel

Planning a major home remodel can be a massive understanding. Enlisting the help of an experienced and knowledgeable general contractor is a good place to start, but there are still some very important things you need to consider before anyone starts swinging a hammer. KEMP Construction Management Ltd. in Vancouver shares some tips for planning a major home remodel:

1. Always start with a budget.

Before you do any planning, you must know what your budget is. Then you can start making plans according to that set budget. A budget must be detailed and realistic, which means you’ll have to do some price research on the things you really want in your remodel to make sure they’re possible. KEMP Construction Management can help you with this.

2. Renovate to solve problems.

You should determine WHY you need the home renovation. Do you need a second bathroom for your growing family? Does your small kitchen feel cramped and you want to be more comfortable eating in the there? Are you just sick of how your home looks and want to refresh its style? Knowing the “why” of remodeling will help designers create the perfect plan for your home.

3. Don’t go too cheap.

Saving money on your home renovation is good, but don’t start cutting corners regarding quality to do that. Your budget should include using quality products and materials, installed by professional contractors. If you start to stretch out your budget by opting for the cheapest, you’ll be sorry you did later when things start falling apart. Here are some smarter ways to save on your home renovation.

4. Always get the proper permits.

When you hire KEMP Construction Management, they will ensure that all permits and inspections are obtained for your specific home remodel. If you’re doing a home addition, you’ll have to check with the bylaw office in your jurisdiction to make sure your building project plan will be accepted and that permit fees for such a project aren’t outside of your budget.  

5. Don’t obsess over what’s ‘on trend’.

Super trendy home design trends are quick to go out of style. If you want your renovation to look great and feel in-style for longer, ask your designer about designs that can pass the test of time. There are many timeless styles that go with virtually any décor and accent pieces and will look very modern. If you get bored of your interior’s style after a few years, your timeless remodel can be refreshed by changing things like furniture, wall colour, window coverings and other home décor without having to do another major renovation.

Major Home Renovations in Vancouver

KEMP Construction Management is a certified renovation and home building company with the Canadian Home Builders Association and they are committed to quality work that is built to last. They’ll work with you from beginning and help set you up with the right designer or architect to plan your project. They’ll develop a detailed budget for your remodel and bring in their qualified network of trades to work on your project to your budget. When you hire the pros at KEMP Construction Management, they will take care of all the details for you.

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