A guide to small budget, high-impact bathroom renovations

Many homeowners equate “renovation” with “expensive.” However, this doesn’t have to be the case. It is possible to update, modernize, and improve the look and functionality of your home without completely breaking the bank. Bathroom renovations, in particular, are well-suited to smaller budgets.

R-Danis Construction in Edmonton specializes in small-budget, high-impact bathroom renovations.

1. Keep the same layout

Moving pipes and fixtures around is an expensive process. As soon as you decide to change your bathroom layout, you are forced to rearrange pipes. This immediately increases the cost of your remodel. Consequently, keeping existing plumbing in place is the most significant way to stay within your bathroom renovation budget.

Furthermore, when you change the position of a shower, bathtub, sink, or toilet, you must do new waterproofing and re-tiling on surfaces. This increases labour costs even more. 

Don’t worry; you can still transform the look and feel of your bathroom without changing the layout.

2. Make a plan

Poor planning is an easy way to end up over budget. However, by taking some time to think deeply about your needs and wants, create a solid plan, and make a comprehensive budget, you significantly increase your likelihood of success.

Some unexpected twists and turns and expenses are normal in any remodel. Therefore, include a small contingency budget while assembling your budget to accommodate surprise costs.

Hiring a contractor with experience working with small budgets is also immensely beneficial. For example, R-Danis Construction prides itself on producing impactful, small-budget bathroom remodels.

3. Update fixtures and fittings

In bathroom renovations, small changes can have a significant impact. Simply updating the fixtures and fittings instantly modernizes drab and outdated bathrooms. This is a low-cost alternative that’s also easy to do. For example, update the handles, taps, drains, towel racks, and toilet roll holders.

4. Focus on the vanity

The bathroom vanity is a central part of any bathroom design. Consequently, you can dramatically improve the aesthetic of your entire bathroom by concentrating on the vanity. There are several ways to do this without breaking your budget. You can change the countertop, update the colour with a fresh coat of paint, and replace the hardware. You can also swap out your old mirror for something more modern. Find inspiration for bathroom vanities here.

Home Renovations in Edmonton

R-Danis Construction provides high-quality residential renovations to Edmonton homeowners. They specialize in kitchen, basement, and small-budget bathroom remodels. Quality is their primary focus. R-Danis Construction gets everything done right the first time. They work with a trusted network of industry professionals to ensure that any workmanship that cannot be done in-house is completed to the highest level.

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