Adding value in a basement renovation

When thinking about a home renovation, adding home value is typically at the forefront of a homeowner’s mind. A basement renovation can add a significant return on investment compared to other home updates. As one of the more cost-beneficial renovations, there are ways to increase that value when preparing or thinking about resale options.

DNA Renovations in Edmonton has a few suggestions on basement renovations to improve home value.

Think about the big picture

Instead of converting a basement into a specific space, you will add value by appealing to a wider audience. If you are thinking about resale value, it can be difficult for a potential buyer to be interested when space is renovated for a specific purpose. When considering selling soon, a family room or extra bedroom could be a bigger selling feature than a home spa or gym. If selling isn’t on the horizon, then consider what suits your needs or wants best.

Don’t overlook the staircase

A great way to add space and brighten a dark basement is by opening up the staircase. Installing a more traditional, opened-themed set of stairs will improve the first impression when entering the basement. It also helps to make space feel larger and airy instead of dark and closed off. Let your staircase be a focal point of the room instead of a necessity.

Go with a concept to better suit your needs

Open-concept floorplans have been popular on main floors for the past few years, it’s popular in basements as well. Renovating a basement to have more usable space doesn’t have to mean adding rooms. Adding a second family room can be more beneficial for your needs, or an open concept games room.

A spare bedroom and bathroom are valuable additions, but try to keep a large portion of the basement open. This will help create a blank canvas for potential buyers while allowing you to use the space how you want to in the meantime.

Basement renovations in Edmonton

DNA Renovations is a full-scale renovation company serving Edmonton and surrounding areas. With over 20 years of experience, they are committed to customer satisfaction and providing high-quality work. Whether you’re renovating the basement to increase living space, build a secondary suite, or to increase the value of your home, they can help.

Contact DNA Renovations for your basement upgrade today.

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