Air Conditioner Checklist

What to do before you flip the switch this summer!

Air Conditioning Maintenance Checklist

If you have been resisting turning on your air conditioner this year, you’ll probably be close to your breaking point soon. As temperatures rise, fans, ice water and open windows just  can’t keep up with the blazing sun.

But after a long period of dormancy, be careful about just flipping the switch, as you could do damage to your unit and jeopardize your ability to beat the heat. If you’re thinking of turning on your AC unit for the summer, here’s our air conditioner checklist to ensure you get, and stay, cool…all summer long.

1. Inspect the outdoor unit

Remove your outdoor cover and inspect the air conditioner’s panels. Make sure the panels are all present, in good condition and aligned. If one of the panels has been damaged or is missing, it is possible that there is more serious damage inside the unit. You may consider calling a technician now if this is the case.

If your panels are in working order, removing any debris from your outdoor air conditioner unit. Debris can limit the ability of the air conditioner to work at full capacity and cause long-term damage if not removed.

2. Change Your Air Filter

Moving indoors, you should check your furnace air filter. Over 80% of all ac issues are airflow related. The changing season is a good opportunity to change this key component of your home’s HVAC system. If you start your air conditioner for the first time with a dirty or clogged air filter, you risk a frozen system resulting in compressor shut down and no air movement throughout the home. Furthermore, the efficiency and safety of your system is jeopardized by a clogged air filter.

3. Take It For A Test Run

Your AC unit isn’t the only thing to inspect when you first turn it on for the summer. When you do turn on your AC for the first time, be sure to check the vents in each room to ensure that air is coming out and that the air is consistently cool. If you’re noticing a lack of power or cool air, turn off the unit. Check that the there are no apparent issues with the outdoor unit’s operation. If problems persist, call some Edmonton air conditioning companies to thoroughly inspect.

If you take these steps, you’ll have the best opportunity to ensure your air conditioner works at its maximum capacity and that you are not risking the integrity of the unit. These simple steps can make a big difference.

If you’re concerned about your air conditioner’s performance or think it may be time to upgrade, Furnace Solutions have the experts to get you set up for a cool summer.

AC Check list

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