Avoid these bathroom renovation mistakes

A bathroom renovation will improve function and enjoyment and add value to your home. Hiring the right bathroom renovation company is the first place to start.

Curved Walls Inc. in Edmonton specializes in frameless modular drywall component systems and offers complete renovation services. They share some mistakes to avoid when renovating your bathroom:

Not creating a detailed bathroom renovation plan

Some homeowners jump into a bathroom renovation without carefully planning what needs to be done. Hiring a professional renovation company like Curved Walls Inc. will ensure a detailed design plan is in place before any construction begins. The plan will include the layout, materials, fixtures, and other details. Starting with a well-thought-out plan will ensure you get what you want, with fewer hiccups along the way.


Overspending can quickly happen without a professional plan in place! First, create a budget for your bathroom renovation. Budgeting can feel overwhelming, but if you have a general idea of what you want to spend, creating that detailed budget is something your bathroom renovation contractor can assist with. They can give realistic cost estimates for moving or retrofitting plumbing, different material choices, and other details. They can also make suggestions for a better return on investment or cost savings. Then, add 10 to 15% to that budget to make up for any unforeseen costs.

Cramming too much in a small space

If you don’t have a large bathroom, avoid putting too much into it. For example, a massive vanity with two sinks might make your medium-sized bathroom feel crowded and less accessible. It will feel that way to future homebuyers, too, so leaving enough space is essential. If you need more storage, consider open shelving, corner shelving, or utilizing a closet in the hallway. Curved Walls Inc. can help you choose fixtures, cabinets, and accessories that fit into your space properly.

Going too bold with on-trend design materials

Jumping on the latest trend with home renovations will give you a stylish space, but often hot trends have a minimal lifespan. You want your bathroom renovation style to pass the test of time. Not only will this ensure prolonged enjoyment of your bathroom for you, but it will also help you sell the home later on. You want to add your own personal style to the space, and there are many ways to do that, but jumping into the hottest trend with both feet might be something you regret down the road.

Bathroom Renovations in Edmonton

From small bathrooms to entire businesses, you can trust Curved Walls Inc. with whatever your need may be. They build and renovate with quality, safety, commitment, professionalism and always one thing in mind: exceeding your expectations. Get started on your home or business renovation with a reputable company you can trust.

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