4 Ways to Upgrade Your Home’s Exterior

Curb appeal matters. If you’re home is looking a little worn down, you’re not the only one who notices. Not only will a shabby exterior diminish your property’s resale value, it can also diminish your own personal enjoyment of your home. Protect your home’s value, improve your energy efficiency and show pride of ownership by giving the outside of your house a well-deserved makeover. Here are 4 ways you can upgrade your home’s exterior:

Roof Replacement

You might not have looked up to your roof lately, but if it’s over 15 years old it’s probably time to have it replaced. An old asphalt roof does not age gracefully. Curling, peeling, deteriorating and missing shingles are all signs that your roof needs to be replaced. Not only will it ensure your home is protected from the outdoor elements and prevent expensive water damage in the future, it is also one of the first things potential home buyers will look for when searching for properties. A new roof will boost your home’s curb appeal drastically.

Energy Efficient Windows & Doors

New windows and doors can make a huge difference when it comes to the way your home looks from the outside. If your old windows and doors feel drafty or if you can see the frames are damaged or warped, then you could be losing a lot of energy. Old windows will allow heat to escape in the winter and let in the hot sun’s rays in the summer, putting more stain on your heating and cooling system and increasing your energy bill. Not only will you find your home more comfortable with new windows and doors, you’ll enjoy the lower utility bills, the way it looks and how it will increase your home’s resale value.

New Siding

Installing brand new siding will drastically update the face of your home and is the ultimate way to give it a fresh new look. New siding will protect your home, improve its energy efficiency and boost your property value in a big way. Exterior renovation companies might offer a variety of siding options including vinyl, fibre cement, fibreboard engineered siding and natural stone. No matter which material you choose, your new siding will be easier to maintain, resistant to weather and will make your home more aesthetically pleasing for your family and for future home buyers.

Replacing your Eavestrough System

Eavetroughs that have detached from the roof of your house or sagging soffits can greatly decrease your home’s curb appeal. More than looking poorly, your eavestrough system is crucial for your home’s drainage, ensuring water from rain and snow is shed away from the foundation of your home. If that water pools near your foundation it could cause your foundation to break down over time, leaks, flooding in your basement and costly water damage.


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