Basement renovations have earning potential

A basement renovation has real earning potential. Not only will it increase resale value, but turning it into a legal secondary suite can provide extra income. While it can seem daunting to take on a project that big, the return can make it all worth it. Rental income from a secondary suite can help pay the mortgage and other home expenses.

M. S. Rad Construction in Coquitlam are experts in basement renovations and remodeling. They offer services throughout the Lower Mainland and Vancouver. Here are some ways you can transform your basement into a liveable suite: 

Beautiful and functional kitchen

Every home needs a good kitchen. Though basements aren’t always that spacious, there are many ways to incorporate a functional kitchen. Include storage solutions to make a place for everything. Install upper cabinets for more storage, and to utilize wall space. Also, when it comes to materials, choose something durable, moisture-resistant, and easy to maintain. Because basements are prone to moisture, you want materials that can stand up to that.

Bed, bath, and beyond

When it comes to bedrooms, simple can be best. Neutral paint and decor will make the space appear cleaner, and allow tenants to make the space their own. You can’t go wrong with a clean slate. This goes for bathrooms, too. A modern look with clean lines can entice potential renters because lighter colours can make the basement feel like it’s not underground. Even if you decide not to rent out the space, your family or guests will enjoy these light, neutral spaces. 

Be smart with flooring choices

For basement flooring, it’s best to choose something warmer to the touch and resistant to moisture. This could mean installing carpet in bedroom spaces to keep them cozy, and something like vinyl throughout the remainder of the basement. There are different types of vinyl flooring that can appear like tile or hardwood floors so you won’t have to sacrifice looks for function.  

Lots of light

Allowing lots of light in your basement is key. Natural light with windows and smart electrical lighting will help the suite feel open and bright. Recessed lighting paired with appropriate task and ambient light will ensure the living spaces are well lit. Any sleeping spaces require an egress window for safety. If you’re replacing windows, go for larger windows and dig deep window wells to let the natural light shine in. 

Basement Renovations in the Lower Mainland, Vancouver

M. S. Rad Construction Inc is a leader in the construction industry, working on basements, commercial projects, and home additions. They’ve built themselves a strong reputation as an excellent service provider, one known for delivering stellar results at highly competitive price points. Honesty, fairness, transparency: Those are the values that guide them as a contractor, that inform their business practices, and that form the cornerstone of their company.

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