Beginner’s guide to bathroom tiles

There are many types of bathroom tiles available today. When choosing the best tile for your home or business, it’s essential to consider aesthetics and functionality. Some tiles have distinctive looks that may not work in every location. Others are more likely to absorb water, stain, or are not ideal for wet areas.

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Here is some helpful information about common tile choices:


Ceramic tiles are made of clay (Either white, red, or brown) that is fired under high temperatures in a kiln. After the firing, the tiles are coated with a glaze, and then, if needed, a pattern is applied. Glazed ceramic tiles are one of the most popular options available and come in various sizes, colours, and styles.

Once fired and glazed, ceramic tiles resist water absorption (they are not entirely impervious to water). This glaze also functions as a protective top layer, meaning the tiles are less likely to stain and are easy to clean, making ceramic tile well suited for bathrooms!

No matter your interior design preferences, you can find a ceramic tile that works for you. There is a ceramic tile for every style, taste, and budget.


While porcelain is a type of ceramic, it differs from ordinary ceramic tiles. To be called a Porcelain tile, the tile must be fired at a higher temperature than ceramic tile. This extra heat and time make porcelain tile harder and denser than standard ceramic tile enabling it to be more resistant to water and stains.

Because of its low water absorption and durability, porcelain is easy to maintain and ideal in wet areas like your bathroom.

Porcelain is more expensive than regular ceramics. However, it has a longer lifespan because of its durability and imperviousness to stains. In addition, if tiles get damaged, it is relatively easy to replace them.

Like other ceramic tiles, porcelain comes in many different colours, designs, and styles. It can even mimic other traditional flooring materials, like granite and marble.


Granite is an incredibly durable material that can even withstand high-traffic areas. Granite is harder than most other natural stones available. It’s also resistant to stains and moisture, making it an excellent option for bathrooms.

However, granite is not for everyone. It has a distinct look that may not work with your taste or the aesthetic of your home. There are several varieties of granite with different colours and textures.

You do pay a bit more for granite’s signature look and durability. That said, it’s worth the investment for many.


While not as hard as marble, limestone can be used for flooring. Limestone tiles are heavier, offer medium-durability, and require more careful maintenance. However, if you want to incorporate limestone into your bathroom, you must seal it properly and have it resealed every few years.

One advantage of limestone being a softer rock is that it’s easier to shape. Plus, you get to enjoy its unique and attractive natural appearance. Limestone is usually found in brown, beige, and yellow hues, which bring warmth to any room.


Marble’s distinctive beauty makes it an ideal choice for upscale, luxurious interiors. Installing marble in your home adds property value!

There are a few things to consider before opting for marble. The first is the cost. Marble is beautiful but can be more expensive. Second, marble is a porous stone that scratches and stains easily. As a result, you must have it resealed regularly, and extra care is required to keep it looking its best.

Any of these options will give your bathroom a great new look and, when properly installed, will increase the value of your home and provide you with many years of use.

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