Benefits of Canexel siding for your home

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Choosing the right siding for your home is about cost and appearance, but it’s also about durability. You need your siding to protect your home, lasting for years premature wear or damage. That’s where Canexel siding should be considered as an ideal choice.

Stan Renovations in Edmonton are a professional exterior renovations company. They share some benefits of their Canexel siding:

What is Canexel siding?

Canexel is made from wood fibre, resin and wax, which is then combined under high pressure. Once combined, the siding is incredibly durable, stable virtually hail-proof, and highly resistant to moisture. It also mimics the look of real wood and comes in a range of different colours and styles.

Benefits of this type of siding

Thanks to the superior quality of Canexel, it’s the perfect choice for a long-term investment. Depending on the company, the siding typically comes with a 25-year warranty on the substrate and 15 years for the baked-on finish. While the cost is a bit higher than other options, the installation costs are lower.  So, once installed, you’ll end up saving more on the years than other siding products. Thanks to the range of customization and stylish looks, it’s also a guaranteed way to boost your home’s overall curb appeal. The siding is typically available in a range of colours and different styles, including lap and plank.

For homeowners, another key benefit is the low maintenance the siding requires. The moisture-resistant nature of the siding means there is no risk of mould settling in and causing damage. So, aside from a simple wash if the siding gets dirty, this siding option is very easy to maintain. 

Hire a professional

To ensure homeowners get all the full benefits from Canexel siding, it’s essential to have a professional involved. With the right tools and knowledge only provided by a professional, you will get assured quality. Companies like Stan Renovations have 15 years of siding installation experience. So if you need help choosing suitable styles or colours, they can provide guidance and expert advice. Plus, with their expertise and skills, you’ll have a siding that lasts for its entire lifespan. Stan Renovations will even handle any cleanup after the work, ensuring a positive and stress-free experience.

Siding Contractors in Edmonton

Stan Renovations pride itself on providing quality work, experience, and services on all projects. They can handle siding, roofing, eavestroughs, exterior insulation, and much more. They also provide WCB coverage and liability coverage for absolute peace of mind. For any and all exterior renovations, they are the ones to call. 

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